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Lake Effect

John Allin

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Erie, PA
It has finally quit snowing here. We're all going home to get some sleep.

We have 40" so far at the Erie Airport (near the lakeshore) and 78" out by Interstate 90 (2 miles south of the lakeshore and where the lake effect begins to kick in big time).

Looking forward to a break.

Happy Thanksgiving......


Senior Member
If you're like me, John, you'll be plowing snow in your sleep tonight. Had that happen a time or two or three . . . Happy turkey day.


Senior Member
73" here average.

I just can not imagine getting all that in 3 days.

'course that IS lake effect and we all know how fluffy that is.

Our collective hats off to John, his team and all those plowers in OH, PA & NY.


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Western Michigan
Lazer- did you guys get any of the snow we did in West Mi. this week? We really got hammered, and it sure wasnt fluffy!! What might have been fluffy in the air turned very wet against the warm ground! We plowed Sat, Sun, Monday and Tuesday nights, then cleanup today.

Sure seemed good again, especially for November.


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We missed the Sat nite stuff. Sun, Mon, Tues.

The snow we got was lake ENHANCED (weak clipper system augmenting the lake effect.) The reason why the early stuff was so heavy is because it was warm and much of it melted/thickened on the ground.

Either way, it was a good amount for us here this early, I just can not imagine getting 6'+ in a few days.

The 1'+ or so we got was much more my speed. (Even though my new Ford 350 wasn't set up yet :()


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it is frustrating for me because i live 45 min south of cleveland , so all the weather stations lead you on to the big lake effect and then nothing sometimes we get to take advantage, like today blue skies and cold,, all of the sudden in about 30 min we get one inch took another hour for maybe another inch then blue skies again, really keeps you on your toes to get the crews out