knuckleboom crane


Do any of you guys have plow trucks equiped with knuckleboom cranes? I was just wondering if you can lift up a larger sander with one and put it on the truck bed from the ground.

GeoffD Veteran
Anyone that has a sander big enough that you can't lift it with a chain fall. Probably has a loader or something big enough to load the sander. Even my v-box for my F 650 weighs undere 1500 lbs.



Most knuckle boom cranes should be able to pick up around 2000 lbs. If it is along the line of a roofing boom type crane, then there should be no problem. Jake.

fireball Veteran
sure, we do it all the time. depends on the boom as to what it can pick up and of course the slings that you use. We use Prentice loaders and are able to handle the sanders loaded with salt too although this isn't the desired operation. The object is to leave the yard with the right amount of material so that you return empty, second most important thing is to use the pressure washer and clean out the residue after each use.

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