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Key Switch Troubles

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 400hp408sb, May 8, 2003.

  1. 400hp408sb

    400hp408sb Junior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 25

    I have an '87 chevy pickup. One day I got in my truck to go home from work and the key wouldn't turn the switch at all. After about 10 minutes of playing with it, it finally turned to start position. The problem progressively got worse and now the key will not turn all the way back to off position without me forcing it. Which makes it a pain inserting and taking out the key. And it will not go into accessory at all. I replaced the key cylinder to find out that was not the problem. It seems the problem is the rectangular rod that the cylinder attaches to. Or whatever there is past that rod. I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction as to what part is causing this and how much further down the steering column am I gonna have to go? Any help would be greatly appreciated, this problem is becoming very annoying.
  2. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    It is most likely the column is worn internally,and the actuator is sticking inside.Remove the lock cyl and cleaning out the area with brake cleaner,and then using some spray grease may help.

    If you have tilt steering,the lower column bolts may have come loose inside,as it will be hard to turn.Is there any slop in the column ?

    One other possibility is a bad ignition switch.You could drop it from under the dash (it's bolted to the bottom right side of the column),and see if everything else is free.

    If you do find it's a problem inside the column,it's probably cheaper,and easier to just get a used column from a wrecking yard,and bolt it in.You can upgrade to tilt,and interval wipers if you don't already have them.You will need to get the wiper delay module to go with the column for the delay wipers to work.It just plugs into the bottom of the column wiring.
  3. 400hp408sb

    400hp408sb Junior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 25

    There is no slop in the column. I had an issue with that a couple years ago, took it apart and lock tighted the 4 bolts. I already have tilt wheel and the fancy stuff. I will check the ignition switch first, then take the column apart if that isn't the culprit. thanks for pointing me in the right direction dude.