keeping snow off the plow blade

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I have heard that if you want to keep snow from building up and stick to the plow blade, then spray some pam or some kind of cooking pan agent.

what is the best stuff to use?

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WD-40, Pam, or even a really good wax will work okay. I bought my plow new this summer, so I put some paint shield on it before the snow hit, in hopes that it would make the paint last longer... we'll see.



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i seen some stuff called snow-eze at a trade snow a couple years ago. its like pam. gave it to a friend that plows and he also tryed the pam on a different blade. they work the same he said



Keep it clean, painted and waxed. Right before plowing spray it with Pam and you will have no problem. Don't forget to power wash after the storm to remove the salt from the cracks and crevices of the truck and plow. Cheap insurance to keeping the rust gremlins away.

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