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I have no experience using wax, or silicone, but I'm sure the wax would help. How smooth is the moldboard (blade)? That's the question. If the paint is coming off, and its pitted, then sandblasting it, or using a grinder/wire wheel with new paint would be a good idea as you prepare for next season. The only other option I know would be to purchase a plastic liner that is placed over the moldboard, and then bolted in place. This seems like an elegant solution, as the plastic will never rust, and is pretty slick. I would be interested to hear from anyone that has used one of these. My main concern would be that it might chip, or hold salt laden moisture between it and the steel modboard. Most plow stores carry these, and they run about $60-$80.

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I have waxed the blade but can't prove it's better. You would think it has to be. A good coat of paint over a smooth surface is important. I wonder if you could use RAINX on the paint... It works great on glass, but probably will bother the paint. Anybody ever try it???<p>Dave


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The plastic liner is an excellent solution. We use these on all our parking lot trucks and almost no snow sticks, and plows always looks nice.


A good paint base is important for the moldboard. Try to do it in summer, and apply at least a couple of coats. After the paint has set in the sun for about 20 to 30 days. Before the temp. falls below 65F, start spraying coats of silicon (not the foam type) and let each coat dry for about 3 days. Repeat until you have about 5 coats. Don't forget the cutting edge. Touch up after each plow day to keep it in premium shape, or once a week. Works for me.


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Geoff,<p>We've got it on a couple of driveway trucks, too. Just not all of them. On driveways it isn't as critical. Most all our drives are done with the rear plow and the front plow just pushes it back up on the lawn in a pile. My 2 newer ones I didn't do it 'cause it kinda expensive with the v-plows. ($220.00 installed for the thick stuff) Parking lot trucks it really makes a big difference.<p>My brother (got his own service on north side of town) bought 12 Westerns this year and installed the Western plastic face. (It's real thin and only costs $40.00? I think) and he says it's super slippery and cheap. That one is so thin though, you may wind up tearing one every now and again.
I don't know if this will work or not but we had a problem with snow sticking in our snow blower shutes on our snowblowers and we found a easy and cheap way to solve the problem.Most people would say you have to paint the blower so the snow will not stick.We don't waste our time doing that.We simply get a can of pam!!!!!And to those who think this is crazy think agian.We spray it in our blower and we do about 50 driveways a day we never have a problem with this method.Think of it how much quicker is it and it is alot cheaper.As i said before i don't know if this will work for plows but it is worth a try.I hope this solved some problems for guys using blowers like me.<p>from:adam<p>AB Lawn Care

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