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I have tried to search for this topic, but with no success. What does everyone do to keep their employees busy while waiting for snow to fall. For example: I am planning on having 2 full time employees. What else is there to do in the winter season to keep them busy until the snow comes? Does anyone else have fulltime employees? What do you do?



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I get a lot of maintenance and projects that I could not take time for over the summer done in the winter. This year we plan on rebuilding a trailer and hopefully finishing a buldup of a International dump truck.


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I have eight to keep busy. Very hard. We keep as busy as possible as long as possible in landscaping. When that runs out we start on company projects. Puting up a small building etc. There is a ton of equipment maintenance also. This year I am spreading the word to all property managers that we are available for general property maintenace work, indoor stuff or moving things for them. Not very reliable but it does keep em busy. I also give them time off because some of our storms will give them 80 hour weeks or more. If they get time off during the week it helps them feel they are not being taken advantage of.

First snow flakes today. No accumulation. Won't be long.

:) we plan all of our jobs that in the summer would kill me with the time needed to spend, we do tree work, lot clearing, some paver work depending on the temps, etc.

Here's an idea that has helped alot in the past, i set up a savings account for each employee, the employee will have a set amount taken each week and put into this "fund". usually during the month of feb. we shut down, get equipt. ready, and just relax.Most guys collect uno. for a month and i keep 2 busy. during this month the employee collects and also recieves a weekly check from their savings fund which almost = there summer pay. so the guys can still collect without getting in trouble, been doing for years and works well. hope i helped.

if a customer calls in october for a lot cearing i tell them to wait till january and i tell them we'll help them save, amazing what kid of work you can book by telling a customer you'll "save" them money in jan. maybe 5% from summer price. T
I don't know alot about the snow in PA but I have always been taught that snow plowing is not a full time job. That's how I have always taken it. Although at times it can be an 80 plus hour week the following week may only be 10 hours worth of work. I would reccomend hiring these guys by the job or by the hour while they are plowing. It will save your profit margin big time on labor especially if you don't have work for them to do.

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We just seperate our employees into two groups.

1. Group works on winter equipment overhauls. These are mostly our truck drivers and equipment opperators.

2. The other group works on utility upgrades that don't require opening up the ground. These are guys that do this stuff outside in the summer, however they help out the inside guys during the winter.


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