Kage Snow Fire for Cat 259B3

Discussion in 'Kage Innovation Snow Plow Systems' started by New Phase, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. New Phase

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    from NJ
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    Hello I'm looking for some advice about whats the best size to purchase a Kage Snow Fire setup for my Cat 259B3 compact skid loader, 8' or 9' also thinking about putting on a set of Camoplast SD Tracks, do they make a difference?
  2. Laner

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    from IA
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    You should be able to run a 9' with no issues on power and weight of machine. I am running an 8' on a 226B wheeled skid. Handles it well but could use a little more weight as it get light when stacking.
  3. iceman1

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    I have a 8' and a 9' in stock if you need one. I can ship yet this week. Kage is a great product and because it has a 30 degree angle you would be surprised and how easy it is to control and push.
  4. Angel

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    We run an 8ft Kage on a CAT 262C skid. We have counter weights on the machine and it seems like a good combo. We use it at a site that has some tight spaces and have been very pleased. In the past we were running 2 pickups at this site and both were replaced by the Kage. The pick ups lost a lot of time in the tight spaces. The 8ft was a good choice for us because of the close quarters. Traction was never an issue.