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Discussion in 'Kage Innovation Snow Plow Systems' started by Showmestaterida, Mar 7, 2015.

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    Bought the kage paddles for all my snowblowers. Installed them all except on one snowblower because the paddles were still new . That was a mistake . The kage paddles worked great . Night and day difference from stock . They threw the snow way farther and faster helping in many ways. The other major difference was ,the stock ones wouldn't work in some heavy wet /slushy snow. Certain kind of snow they didnt like and would clog or barely throw it. Not all the snow just a very slushy and wet/heavy kind. The kage paddles worked great through it all. Wish i would have installed them on the last one.They seem to wear about the same maybe a little faster than than the stock ones. Seen toro now makes hd paddles themselves. Not sure how they work or pricing . Guess they seen kages and thought they could improve theres. Thanks for a great product

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    What toro's were you running ? We are running the 621E's. BTW ..get a Kage Kaddy yet?
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    Ha Steve ,
    We run 621's no electric starts. How do they treat u? Wasnt sure about getting the electric start and they were more money. Havent got a Kaddy yet , might pull the trigger on one this month . Seem they dont really let them turn all the way around due to the bigger tires when reversing . Do they just drag on the grass at a certain point.
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    Showmestaterida- That's great to hear! Thank you for posting!
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    I am wondering about putting these on our Toro blower as the original paddles are just about worn out. We have a couple customers with large patios that would like to have the snow removed from them. Do you know if the Kage paddles will leave marks on the patio pavers? The original paddles leave marks, so we are stuck using shovels.
  6. No marks from kage ones
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    we put them on all of our blowers as well! They last so much longer as well! I would take brand new toro paddles off and put these on as there is no comparison! Hats off Kage! :drinkup:
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