Just When You Thought....

just when you thought winter was over....old man winter strikes again...woke up to 12" on the ground this morning expecting another 6" to 8" throughout the day today.should bring us pretty close to our normal snow fall for the year...whats that old ohio saying if you dont like the weather wait ten minutes it will change...:D anybody else get caught with this storm?well better go play while i can;)

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
I pretty much think winter is done in my area. the storm missed us i guess, cause it was 60 degrees yesterday and its sunny now. i think ive finally gotten into the mindset its almost spring, and time to put the plows away.


Western CT
Well MDB I would agree that it seems like spring.

I am not putting the plows away yet. I wait until May 1 before I do that. I remember a few good April snow storms catching people off guard.


SW Minn

You guys in Ohio must be living right! We got less than an inch
on Friday night, and tomorrow it is supose to be in the forties
here. Have fun plowing!!! :D


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After a virtually snowless December, we got a bunch of snow over the New Year's weekend, then waited a couple weeks, got about the same amount over a 5-day stretch in mid-January, then pushed again on Feb 4. Since then we've had...............................................nothing plowable. Lots of "fizzles" that start out looking like a real snowfall and taper off to nothing, but no plowable events.

I'm starting to think we got our winter's allotment those two January snow events, and that's it for another season. This winter is all :confused: anyway, getting colder temps now in March that I think I've seen all winter..................
Up until last weekend I had made more money salting than pushing snow.......But down this far south a no pushable snow winter is not unheard of so anything for me is better than nutten!
Got 3 inches tues and wed. Got to play for 2
whole days. That bank lady likes a CLEAN
parking lot and is willing to PAY !!!!!
My Bar......the guys could care less as long
as the doors unlocked and we have cold beer !
As the Grateful Dead sang:

BTW: 75v , Hey have my Triumph at my buds
shop...Running great..attended a bike show
recently and bought a BUNCH of NOS Triumph
footpeg and rubber stuff ONLY $45 bucks !!!
Hows your HD coming along ? MAYBE we can
get our KNEES IN THE BREEZE ! this summer !
In the 1000 islands or Canada !
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Walla Walla, WA

It is snowing......

suppose to get 3" tonight. I know it may not sound like a
big deal but have not had anything here since Dec. 27, and March snows are very unusual

hope it keeps coming.

Can you say "AMEN"


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Well, another fizzle today. Looked like it might be a real snowfall this morning, I was out in the 5-ton most of the day and got back to.........................mud. :( I sure hope "Old Man Winter" strikes again before the season is out but I'm starting to wonder...........

Sonjaab - sounds like a good find on the NOS Triumph parts. Fingers crossed I will be bringing the HD home soon, I'm going to a bike show this weekend myself in Barrie. Plan on taking the HD down to Poughkeepsie this fall.............


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Western Michigan
Last night was the 5th night in a row for us. Over 17 inches since 2:00 am Saturday morning. It just keeps coming. We are at 98 inches now for the year, 25 inches over our normal annual snowfall. This will turn out to be probably one of the top 5 all time winters for total snow. Sure doesnt seem like it with all the warm weather separating the snow events !


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Muskegon, Mi
well I am up to 15 plows now for the year. We got the same here as Pinisland1 got. The only difference is the season total. Ours is 97" and we are at 47.9". Where tom is, their average is like 75" and they have had 98.2":confused:

Of course I have plowed as much as them just less each time.

matthew Urban

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Western Mass
I'm with Mick,

My anual average is 80", last year was 96" (great year), 7 years ago 144"(outstanding year-also record setter).

This year, 25.8"

On the good side, it was only 60 today.

P.S. major drought problem real soon, if we don't see some kind of weather.

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