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    I'm looking at doing our local pick n' save next year.
    The Pic should show the demensions of the property.
    Right now the contractor is using a dump truck and payloader. One pushes to the blue areas and the payloader pushes into piles. Now the piles are getting out of control.
    I'm going to propose two 3/4 ton trucks pushing to the blue lines and a tractor with a snow blower to blow the snow to the holding area's. They are wastewater containment holes. The payloader cannot push into them far so the first snow fall is about all they get. I think the snowblower will keep the snow off the concrete all year.

    What do you guys think?

    picknsave done.jpg
  2. OP

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    I'll take any idea and suggestions
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    Looks like a good site, but as u stated thats long pushes for anything...wont be to bad untill you get a 6+ inche snowfall....and might be almost impossible if you get a moisture rich snowfall. I dont have the experience with this big lots so im not going to mis guide you
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    I used to do stores of this size. I had a 10' Western HD plow and a 5ton IH dumptruck for the plowing. If you get a wet heavy snow you will need to do one of two things. Go with the bigger equipment or (this is much slower) Have one truck windrowing and the other truck moving the snow to the containment area. Snowblowers are nice for really deep snow but they aren't high production machines. I used to have an 8' Snow Machine blower on a 125 HP Ford tractor. Yes, you could go right thru a 6' drift with it but at only 1-2 MPH. The guy who is doing the lot now really has the right equipment for a job of this size. If you do get the contract and decide to use P/U trucks, be sure you get a plow that has wings. Like the Western Wideout or a Blizzard 810 or 860 SpeedWing. I hope this is helpful to you in choosing your equipment, Al
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    I was Thinking of 3 p/u truck to do the lot. the blower would be just for blowing into the containment fields.
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    You could make that combo work well. The blower will give you the reach you need to put the snow further in. Just be sure to get a blower with enough guts, and match the power unit accordingly. Keep us posted;), Al
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    you can't put the snow up in the top right hand corner?
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    Is the lot empty at night?
    You can do radis plowing with 3 trucks to sweep and clear it quicker.
    You would start at the left edge and have the trucks left angle their plows.
    In a line they push the snow to the end of the lot. At the end they lift and go around going forward and drop their plows again at the start. The loader cleans it up when it gets to much for the trucks to push. Trucks with V plows can move snow into the areas that the radis plowers are doing. So all the snow ends up where the customer wants it. Once the plow guys get used to radis plowing they love it. Always going forward and it gets to be a contest between Ford, Chevy and Dodge Plow trucks.
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    Sorry guys, there are islands throughout the lot. Pushing south is the easiest way to effectively to it. They want all the snow in the two area's shown only. Only under extreme conditions do they allow snow piles in the north east corner of the lot.
  10. That lot doesnt look that big to me. I wouldn't be the slightest bit scared to plow that with my pickup...Then take your blower there and blow the end rows up into that spot....I do a toys r us that is somewhat close to that size, easy lot.....I bet I could plow this place in less than 3 hours on a 3 or 4" snowfall.....
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    When the store is open you will plow differently to keep the lanes open than you would with an empty lot. When open you can't push the show toward the building it has to go away and you'll have to take those piles away immediately so their customers can proceed. While open I'd have two trucks working the front lot together. If I had the staff I'd then have a third truck working on the entrances, back and side of the building. I would suggest to make sure the trucks have plows like the wideout or vees for those lanes as you don't want to bury the cars or cause huge rows.

    Full clean up I'd have the front loader for stacking. If he can maneuver the lot's well then maybe for openings too. I wouldn't let the snow build up too much. Other than the traffic it does not look too bad I think you could get away with two trucks and a loader in a fair amount of time - just don't get too far behind.
  12. cantoo

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    Consider a pusher blade for the front of the tractor it might save your az in a wet heavy snowfall. It also looks like a narrow spot to push the snow beside the building.
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    you need a snow pusher for the tractor. box blade the whole front yard to the water pond and then blow the snow in it. idealy blowing the snow in there during the day or the next night provided they will let you. that will free up the tractor to plow more lots the night of the snow fall. just road it there if they are close.
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    Also,...just an idea. As wide as that lot is (better than 300 ft.), you would probably be better of to to veer off and do a 3 point turn at the nd of each run. This way, you are continuously pushing in both directions, and will cut your time down SIGNIFICANTLY. The reason I suggest this, is that you have a tractor or loader to run your ends. In some cases, it doesn't pay to do this, because you are leaving the ends of your runs a bit sloppy, and they need cleaning anyway. But with another unit doing the ends, this eliminates this. Good luck with it!