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  1. heres my truck with the blade just put it on today suppose to get couple inches tonight. hope not havent finished leaf clean ups.

    Picture 028.jpg

    Picture 027.jpg

    Picture 026.jpg
  2. cretebaby

    cretebaby PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,162

    looks like a money maker:drinkup:
  3. i hope so again did pretty good last year an this winter is suppose to be like last year probably little worse so thats good. just havent been able to get the back blade mounted yet on the truck. still need to get brackets welded on pump and all. not sure if ill have that again this year or not.
  4. SnowPro93

    SnowPro93 Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    JTS, I always said paint never made me any money....but that boss would look great with a new coat and soem decals:)
  5. chcav1218

    chcav1218 Senior Member
    Messages: 954

    i love the style of the old fords. I know someone with an F150 with the bucket seats in the back. That thing is about a mile long
  6. yeh i know the mold bord definitally does need some paint. i did the tower last week but just never made it to the rest.
  7. AndyTblc

    AndyTblc Senior Member
    Messages: 681

    I think we'll only get a couple inches on the grass, I don't think anything on the road, maybe a little slush. Depends on how much you trust Terri Deboer.
  8. yeh we didnt get like anything here on monday i was out by us 31 in holland. they were getting tons there was about 6" or so out there by the time i left got half way to jenison cleared right on up. were suppose to get a few inches possably thursday into friday maybe. like you said who know with them lol
  9. RLTimbs

    RLTimbs Member
    Messages: 94

    That is the kind of setup I would like to have..

    Older Ford w/ plow.
  10. AndyTblc

    AndyTblc Senior Member
    Messages: 681

    There is a lady in my night class last night down in plainwell and she didn't make it, she e-mailed me and said that Bloomingdale got 12 inches
  11. mike33087

    mike33087 Senior Member
    Messages: 555

    looks good

    lol hasnt even snowed yet and you already tore up the lawn lol jk
  12. DP Property

    DP Property Senior Member
    Messages: 158

    Nice it looks like you have pro wings for that blade?
  13. yeh i have pro wings for it i love them definitally makes things faster. wouldnt own a straight blade with out them. i have to get a new set though mine are all bent up from hitting curbs.