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Just a sympathy rant!

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by dag-otto, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. dag-otto

    dag-otto Member
    Messages: 77

    I have been so unhappy with Ford since switching to them in 99 from GMC trucks. All 6 dealers in my area are morons. I keep stressing to the "service professionals" in my area that half of the reason i shelled out the bucks for my super duties was for the service. Since my ford journey my trucks have had.

    This is just service and nothing to do with the endless stream of warrenty claims.
    -roof damaged from the tech not checking roof clearances (garage door) /body shop visit. and laughing about it......
    -dropped a bolt down my front window heat-vents.
    -left coffee cups in my drink tray <test drives to a donut shop?>
    -not knowing how to diagnose problems and take apart sh** for no reason.
    -do 100000 point inspection and don't fill my coolant after making me read this insultanting green light red light crap.
    -leave grease on my cloth seats and steering wheel.

    In addition to my wifes 2003 Escape <lemon>. The parking break warning light just came on, at the next service station I popped the hood and the bloody brake resvoir cap was off and was dry of fluid....."Service professional" forgot to put it back on.....

    Since then: 2003 Escape
    - Complained about shuttering when starting on cold days 8000kms - told it was normal.
    -Replaced clutch at 150000kms
    -Replaced Both control arms 20000kms - stuffed my alignment
    -P/S fluid low - leaking from boots--- said it was fine. 5000kms
    -Replaced rack and pinion at 9000km - after it leaked out

    Is this normal for Ford? I have zero confidence in Ford service. I just wish they realise I am not a huge fleet and I give a crap about my equipment and want it to last.... I'm sorry if I have pi$sed people off here. But I am sure I am not alone.