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Hey guys I was wondering if you can take calcium chloride and and add water to it and use a small sprayer and put it on walkways. Or will it do what salt does and and form chrystals and clog up a sprayer?



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You can make your own brine in that method.

Here are some tips:
1. Have water at or below the temperature outside warmer water alows for more salt to disolve, but as it cools salt will precipitate into crystals and may cause clogging.

2. You can measure the salinity of the solution with a hydrometer to adjust concentration to ideal percentage for best results. (eutectic point = ideal working tepmerature)

3. Lower working temperatures and safer corosion values can be achieved by adding enhancers and inhibitors.

We are producing a brine for parking lot and sidewalk anti/de-icing for our own use. As well as using commercialy available liquids.

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