Junior/ Senior member?


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Southern NJ
This question has probably been asked before but what do I have to do to get initiated as a senior member, sleep in the Bates Motel for the weekend, get paddled be the senior members or what? Im tired or everybody calling me Junior. But really what is it?

John Allin

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Erie, PA
See.... that's the carrot....
They don't tell you when the change takes place so that you'll keep coming back.
And when it does change, you have to sign a sworn statement, notarized and authorized - that states that you will NOT reveal the number(s). If you do tell, then Dino edits you until you get so frustrated that......

Just kidding....

I don't know the answer. I'm just trying to run up my totals so I can get to 'double secret senior' status soon. Then I can get my decoder ring and shoulder patch.

I' soooo excited !!!