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Jumping In, SW Indiana

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by Allstar_Inc, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Allstar_Inc

    Allstar_Inc Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    I guess this is as good as place for any for introductions.

    We jumped in to plowing this season. Last year we spent more than half of what it cost us for our own snow removal equipment and that was before adding two more properties to our own portfolio over the summer.

    I just put a Western Wide-Out on my 2014 F250, along with a Salt Dogg TGS03 spreader; and that was after a suspension upgrade. I know the plow would probably be a little much for this truck if I was further north but most of our storms are in the 2-3 inch range, with the occasional once or twice a season 5-7 inch storm. Our last Snowmagedon storm was almost 10 years ago and that was 20" in 24 hours which from reading is not all that uncommon for the folks North of us.

    With all the issues finding salt/melt last year I bought in bulk this year so I know our properties are covered. I have 25 tons of bagged ice melt being delivered to our warehouse next week, which should keep us in good supply all season. Even our local road departments ran out of salt and were using sand by the end of January, and most if not all local places that sold it ran out of ice melt in addition to pool salt, softener salt, and bagged rock salt; the few that had any at all was over $0.50 per pound ie: $25 for one 50# bag.

    And as luck would have it I have several friends and business associates are now requesting I take care of their lots, and driveways too. That will be just be frosting as if I only do our own lots we will be break even by the end of even a normal snow season. I have enough billing information from last season to know what to charge, and not give the services away. I already have enough of our own lots to do so I don't want to be the cheapest guy around, but some gravy would be nice after writing the check to the plow dealer. Already talked to our commercial lines agent, who was more than happy to add some more coverage(s) to our policies so we can not only be covered for our own properties but that of customers too.

    I figured I can learn something here, and maybe make some money doing it.

  2. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Plowsite.com is an amazing informative site, I would have been lost without it the individual's on here are packed with knowledge. Welcome, and nice to see another Hoosier:waving: