Johnny D's Ram smoked by a stroke?

Mike 97 SS

Hey, that quote u have, If you cant DODGE it, RAM it!! I know a kid who used to have an old big dodge truck and he had a big sticker made up for the back window that said just that. HAHA


I prefer my saying on my truck it says STROKE THIS against the powerstroke obviously and i know a kid that has I'D RATHER BE CUMMIN THAN STROKIN on his back window, just a little humor for us dodge guys

John DiMartino Veteran
Dieselram30, I seen a nice green 00-01 2500 4x4Cummins reg cab on RT84 2 weeks ago near Brewster (exit 22).I pulled next to him he gave me the thumbs up.He had a Stroke this decal on the tailgate.The exhaust looked stock.I hung next to him for a second to see if he wanted to play:D ,he didnt,so i passed him,and he followed for a few miles,and got off in Poughkeepsie.Any chance this was your truck? I didnt see a plow frame on it. The arent many real fast Strokes here anyway,the local race car chassis fabricator has a few,but they are heavy 3500 crew cabs,with flip chips/propane only. Thanks to me there are a few fast duramaxes though:D .After driving both chipped PSD's and edge juice equipped Dmaxes, I think the Gm' are quicker without a doubt,by far. They still got lot of work to do if they ever want to catch a Cummins. If my cousin lets me bomb his duramax some more(He's a sucker for power),we may do injectors,but we need to do the trans first,we are at its hp limit,it is working but its clearly overwhelmed,the motor is pulling right thru the torque convertor in fluid coupling ,it needs a tighter TC to start with. Dave,your just tryign to get m,e to spend more $$ on my truck,you need to catch up first,i got a an 01 stroke here that will make you sweat,heck i think hell beat ya:drinkup:

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