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John Deere, X5xx/X7xx, 47" blower, hard cab---need opinions please

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Two Seasons, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Two Seasons

    Two Seasons Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Currently clearing over a mile worth of sidewalks, some hills, with Ariens blowers. Commercial account with no real transport time involved.

    Town plows are refilling walks after service started/completed. Our contract states sidewalks will be maintained as close to pavement as reasonably possible, melter used where needed

    Looking at setting up a JD X5xx series or X7xx series, 4WD with the 31 Yanmar, 47" blower, heated hard cab with lights, electric w-shield wiper. And some sort of drop spreader on the back end.

    Have any of you put together this type of setup? Would you take a couple of minutes to tell me/us about your experiences.

    Bottom line---I'd like to enjoy a cigar now and then when I'm working :)

  2. Triple L

    Triple L PlowSite Fanatic
    from Canada
    Messages: 6,078

    how about a 3720 with an inverted blower?
  3. pieperlc

    pieperlc Senior Member
    from 4-5
    Messages: 180

    Bought a x748 4x4 with 47" blower and soft side cab. Haven't had the time to put the cab on, but the blower works great. Got about 14" of wet snow, and we do some walks like your describing with the town plow plowing the road over it. It made the tractor work a bit, but the diesel powered right through. I was impressed. Be nice when we get the cab on next week.
  4. Two Seasons

    Two Seasons Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Sidewalks are too narrow. And our contract says we'll stay within the paved area of the sidewalk. That's why we use melter too instead of just salt.
  5. Snowdog22

    Snowdog22 Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    We have a 99' 455 with a hard sided cab, liquid heat, bar tires, snow blower, blade, and broom. We also have a 25 gallon for mag-cal to spray on sidewalks. We love the tractor. We do sidewalks and most driveways with it because we like how we can place the snow where want with no large piles. We go thru alot cutting edges though. Its nice because we can pick up the front tires with blower and really peel up hard pack snow and some ice. Make sure you get the top chute control, that way you can control throwing distance. We are looking for another one to add to the fleet. It gets about 12 to 16 hours on 2 inch snows. Any other questions just ask them.
  6. Two Seasons

    Two Seasons Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    I'll bet you go through the cutting edges. Our sidewalks have some real bad spots ( some high spots) in them where, at least right now, they about throw me over the handles :dizzy: when running full-tilt.

    Have you put poly shoes sliders on the sides of the blower?

    I like the idea of the mag-cal tank on the back. Did you make it yourself? If not, what brand is it?

    By the way, is your 455 4WD?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2009
  7. Camden

    Camden PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,604

    This season I've been using a JD F932 and so far I couldn't be more pleased with it's performance. I have a 66" blade mounted to it with a Snowex 575 spreader on the back.

    I have over 1 mile of walks to do and it has made quick work of them. I bet I could finish 3 miles of walks in the same time I used to do 1 mile using blowers and that's not an exaggeration.
  8. Winterized

    Winterized Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    Have a JD 445 AWS with the two stage blower......

    Is a very strong worker! No chains... no cab..... just stock tires and 4 JD weights on the 3 point. Made a spout cap control with a power take-off cable. Think it's better than the JD part and LOTS less money.

    Nothing is perfect..... but this is a year round machine that will move mountains of snow!
  9. Snowdog22

    Snowdog22 Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    to be truthful we put the shoes all the way up and just run with the cutting edge on the concrete. The cutting edge is not that costly and is reversible. One cutting edge lasts about 3 to 4 snows. The sprayer came from Sprayer Specialties in Grimes, Iowa. Its just like a little spray rig for a 4 wheele, 1.8 gpm pump and 25 gallon tank. We used the bracket that is placed on the back of the tractor to hold suit case weights for traction for the tank.
  10. Cooter24

    Cooter24 Senior Member
    from NE Iowa
    Messages: 268

    You guys with the John Deere tractors have the ability to use down pressure on the blower? I am looking into some sort of riding blower for next year. How would the Grasshopper, Walker machines compare. I would like to hear some user opinions. The Grasshopper would seem like a better summer mowing machine.
  11. Winterized

    Winterized Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    My 445 AWS....... see my post above, cuts like crap!!!!!!

    Does everything else fine, but is even a poor excuse for a homeowner mower.

    Will not keep deck FLAT when you turn.......
    Chunks even damp grass.......
    Not the best discharge even when dry......
    Yes...... I have tried all I could think of to make it cut better......

    I love the machine with all other attachments!!! Down pressure enough to pick the machine up.
    You would not be sorry owning one if you have other uses than mowing for it.
    The three bag collection system payed for itself the first year.
    Would rather have a collection system on my 445 than my Scag any day.
  12. fms

    fms Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 209

    JD 2305 4wd with soft sided cab, 47 inch 2 stage, heater, defroster fan, wiper, two work lights in front, one in back and had a Herd spreader on the 3 point. Love the set up. Spreader control was tough and within two years, regardless of pressure washing and Fluid Film the spreader was garbage. Also don't like the ice melt being thrown onto the tractor. More than enough power to get through side walks that city trucks had plowed over. Had to double side the walls of the blower after the first year. No shoes. We try not to use down pressure due to the lack of steering and the abuse on the blower.
  13. doubleedge

    doubleedge Member
    from ND
    Messages: 64

    The JD 2305 is more heavily built and is cheaper than the x700 series.
  14. jlouki01

    jlouki01 Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    fms what cab do you have on your 2305?

    I just traded my 2305 in for a 2520. Needed a little more ground clearance. My guys keep bashing in the hydro filter.
  15. Two Seasons

    Two Seasons Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Here's the deal. Contract states that we must use blowers for the sidewalks. No plowing as former contractor trashed the entire area and never repaired in the Spring.

    I'd really enjoy owning a 2305 for field work, but the 2305 will not fit within the confines of the sidewalk. Customer does not want a repeat of what they used to have/see.

    We're looking to put together a used tractor, used hard cab, etc; as mentioned above in my original post, with one exception---a new blower. It looks like we can get into this with about a $12K investment or so. Figuring about $7500 for the tractor, the rest for the cab and blower, maybe even a spreader with a deflector. I've seen how bad melter/fert tears up equipment!

    I'm assuming the hard cab is superior to the soft cab as far as creature comfort goes, after all, I need to keep that cigar lit :cool:
  16. Snowdog22

    Snowdog22 Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    doubleedge - the blower on the 2305 is the same as the 400,500,600,700 series blowers. The brand new blowers at the dealers will fit the old 400 series, just have to swith hoses to other side of blower due to hydralic hook up on other side of tractor. They are the same 47" blower
  17. fms

    fms Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 209

    2305 is a subcompact tractor. I'm surprised that you have a sidewalk that it wont fit on.

    jlouki01 - we have the Curtis cab.
  18. Two Seasons

    Two Seasons Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Over the winter months, I build "snow walls" with the blowers so I can control some of the city plows/wings carnage. It works too!

    Had a interesting discussion with a city SEIU plow driver at 5am one morning, rolls down the window and tells me to move aside, I told him I'm tired of all the cleanup and refused to move so he could refill my sidewalk entry point from the street. So he layed on the air horn until I moved. No consideration for me and my work or for the neighbors. Those SEIU guys are goons.

    I'll have to look into the 2305 more as I was told that it wouldn't be the right machine for the job.

    It's so cold here right now, 5 above zero, that I've got some time to get other things done until the next event.
  19. AA+ Landscaping

    AA+ Landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    Here are some pictures of what you are looking for. I found these on www.machinefinder.com.




  20. Winterized

    Winterized Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    For what my opinion is worth.......

    The JD 420 you have the photo of..... WAS and is a good machine, along with the 316.. 317.. 318 ..322... but too old school for ease of maintenance compared to the next generation..... 425 445 455 machines, that are now even getting to be old school, but still good!

    Would not get anything less than a 445 if you went that route. Lots of them around for OK money.... good blowers..... brooms and other attachments..