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My 2210 has gotten very unpredictable. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. I have John Deere comming out tomorrow to fix this but the snow is flying today and I need to atleast get it running. Heres the situation.

It will start and then die, and not start up again. It has done this atleast once every storm. So I assumed that it was gelling diesel, but I always put in power service anti gelling fluid. So today when it happened I went to the water separator and pulled that off and there was a lot of water in there so I cleaned it all out and changed the filter and this helped nothing. How I got it started last time this happened was I got a hair dryer and heated all the fuel lines and injectors and fuel filters. After about an hour or two of this I got it started. It was around 32 though so I doubt that the diesel with fuel additive would gel at that temp. One member on the pictures forum suggested that it could be air in the lines. I don't know how I would get the air out of the lines though.

Any help is appriciated. Especially since the snows flying right now. I just went to start it and nothing.
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