john allin blizzard of "77"


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John i saw on the history chanel 'the wrath of god buffalo blizzard of 1977 did you get to plow in this and what was it like. i know you are from erie but close enough. it looked like the whole city was a mess

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Two years ago, we had a really bad storm, I'm in Rochester NY, 1 hour east of Buffalo. We got somthing like 44 inches of snow in a 48 hour period, and it was heavy wet stuff. It was not a fun time I didn't sleep for a long time, blew one transmission in that storm, and one front axle joint. I wouldn't wish a storm like that on anyone. I just remebe pulling into a secondary parking lot, looking at the snow, it was as high as my 8' Fisher's moldboard(29"), I just turned around and called the customer, told them we needed a loader, they OK'D it. Again not a fun position, I would not wish a storm like that on anyone, ever.
As a younger snow nut in 1977, I remember I had a Toronto Star paper route with about 40 stops. I hounded my Dad to drive me around on my route so we could all be home in time for the 6:00 o'clock news to see the latest effort on the cleanup. It seemed to go on for weeks. What fun.

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That was my first winter plowing snow. Had 23 residential and one commercial account. Didn't really phase me as a "bad" winter since I was working all alone in a brand new Bronco and didn't have many accounts - so it wasn't all that bad.

We've been through some larger storms since then, and while it was tiring - we got through them. Had a 42" storm and a 55" storm in years after that. Like I said, tiring but we got through them.

Can't say as there is any one storm that sticks in my mind.

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