Jinkst my self again!!!!!!!!


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I am of the opinion that when I put my plow on the night before the storm, so I don't have to do it in the snow, It never snows. If I forget and leave it off, the snow falls and I am stuck hooking up in the snow. Anyone else ever feel that way?


Stamford, CT
OK, my truck is gassed, plow on and ready to go as of 9:00 pm 12/4/02

Anyone wannt bet that the storm takes a sudden right turn and heads to Bermuda or the Virgin Islands and misses us here in CT completely?

Seems to happen to me quite often too, glad Im not alone in feeling being ready well in advance is tantamount to being cursed at times?


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Newtown, CT
on the coast

Hey Jeff...I heard that you folks on the coast are supposed to get more than us inlanders. Good luck. I'm looking forward to the 9"-11" that's supposed to pass my way!


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