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Discussion in 'Weather' started by mpflood, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. mpflood

    mpflood Member
    Messages: 47

    North East Bergen County Update

    1.5" @ 12:15 P.M.

    Map shows little or no promise.:(
  2. mpflood

    mpflood Member
    Messages: 47

    12:30 light sleet/rain:( temp=30 F
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2006
  3. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    You're getting more than we are in Somerville. I salted a few lots and some walks. Rain and sleet here.
  4. kemmer

    kemmer Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 329

    mike you go out? i did, i figured it would freeze....no body complained so w.e payup and i had to try to pay off the plow lol
  5. mpflood

    mpflood Member
    Messages: 47

    Yeah, i went out and did 4 lots and about 5 resi.
    Good for you! pay it off this year with one more eh?
    We'll start calling you "Trace" around the firehouse:salute: