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    I don't own a wrangler but i did hear that they plow well but not as good as the old cjs did.
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    I have seen them used for narrow lot entrances or where balconies overhang parking areas in apt complexes.

    I have not seen them used except noted above for commercial use other than residential.

    Hope this helps.
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    IF you do get one, try to get the lowest axle gear ratio available. It should help with pushing. It will cut into your MPG a little though. Seems new Jeeps have higher gears than the old CJ's, and many new trucks as well have higher gears than their predecessors. This is all about mileage. Lower RPM's at highway speed = better mileage.

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    When I took my truck in to get my headlight/plow problem looked at, there was a guy there who was plowing with a Wrangler. He said it worked awesome. He was just tired of all the snow on his windshield, he was buying a snow deflector. He seemed really satisfied with his choice of plow vehicle.

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    I used to use two CJ and found that they are awsome as far as speed and manuverability,but they have trouble with a heavy enough drive train and keeping the windows clear with out aux fans or rear heat.Also if you are going to use one make sure its an auto the clutches are just to light for plowing.
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    I hear Jeep will be coming out with a 2002 model that has Dana 35 axles with 4.11 gears.

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    I plow with a wrangler!

    My jeep works great, I plow everything with it commercail and residental, it does the job with out a problem. to be honest with you , I don't think you need a pick-up truck at all this thing plows as good as anything i've driven! I have a 1989 sahara model with a western proplow. I have beefed up the springs in the front and added a cooler for the transmission but besides this nothing, I don't even put weight in the back!!!!
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    we plowed with a 93 wrangler. the best thing in the world. you could go up a driveway and turn around and plow back down. very easy to manuever and to do small lots. had absolutely no problem with not having enough power.
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    In the latest issue of sno-pro(insert in Pro mag) there's an article with a company who uses one for walks and other small places, they built a rack on the back to hold their blowers and shovels etc..

    Said it works great.

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    I have seen ads for companies that use Jeeps in small driveways and have also seen a newer Wrangler (dont know what year) with a Meyer plow on it.
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    that person is actually Mark Oomkes from this forum. along with running the jeep, they run a toro dingo with a small blade for side walks, and a Jcb 212su loader with a 14' daniels front plow, and a custom built 12' pull plow. i talked to mark and he's plowed with the JCB and said it works great, and the JCB pushes snow great. he said when he gets a big pile, he just downshifts and it pushes it. he has some very unique setups that seem to work excellent.

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    jeep wrangler

    Hey, I have used Jeeps for years, 4 cyl. L-heads, F-heads, and the american motors 304 v8. Use the low range, 1st gear, 2nd and third and you get gobs of torque and an unstoppable machine. Up to 6 inch storms no chains, above that to 14 inches or so I chained the front drive wheels
    only. Above that I chain all 4, and you can push whatever is in front of you with that set up. Always use the low range.
    The best thing that ever happened to jeep was when AMC bought them. You finally got heaters that worked and brakes that stopped when going down hill. Chrysler jeeps, well, ok, but still not like the old ones.
    I plowed commerical, banks, insurance co's, sidewalks, residential drives so steep you couldn't see the house on the top, even the fire department a few times. Jeeps can do it all. And I never and I mean never, burned out a clutch or broke a u-joint. I use Monarch Hy-lo hydraulic units, belt driven, most reliable set up there is.

    It's all in the operator, don't abuse your equipment and it will take care of you.
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    We do currently use our Jeep Wrangler mainly for walks but also plowing small lots(bank lots, small commercials) if we get behind. It has worked great for us. We have a '95 Sahara with the 4.0 Liter HO, 6'6" Western (I would put the Fisher on next time), and we do carry a blower, shovel, and spreader for walks. With the added weight of sidewalk salt this will really push some snow. As long as you are not planning on doing anything big with it, you'll be set.

    In this area we also have a couple guys that have outfitted older CJ's with back blades. The only thing that will outmanuever this for residentials or condos is a Bobcat.
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    Bryan, I thought you left. Seems you are back now then.
    Didnt stay away to long, guess you missed all the love here.
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    Don't worry dino, you weren't the reason i came back . I didn't miss any of the love from you ;).

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    I used to run an '86 258 auto and a '93 4.0 auto each w/ a fisher 6.5 blade and was very happy with both. I currently 'captain' an F350 superduty v10. ...there are certainly days when i miss the nimble capabilities of the jeep. The trade-off of course is that with such a light vehicle, you don't want to fall behind the storm....plenty of power but weight means everything (although my '93 did manage the 33 inches that wasn't supposed to fall one night and caught everyone off guard)...never recommended.
    You'll have no problem with one of the older wrangler/ CJ's...very maneuverable...probably the best set-up for average sized residential drives, however, the newest models i've seen make me a little skeptical, specifically the durability of the front end.(not sure they make'em like they used to as they say) You'll want to check with the manufacturer to see whether they'll even continue to honor the warranty if you bolt a plow on.

    good luck!
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    On the older one you will have to replace th e two piece rear axles with solid ones.
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    Oops I was wrong about the facts on the new jeep. Jeep is said to be coming out with a new TJ in 2003. It can be had with the hard core off road package. This will get you Dana 44 axles front and rear, locking diffs front and rear,rear disc brakes, and an NVG 241J transfer case with a low range ratio of 4.0:1.

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    It's here: Rubicon

    And BTW, (IMO) A CJ-7 from the 80's has nearly nothing over a 1997-1995 (YJ) Wrangler. The frame on a Wrangler is built better (CJ's cracked + rotted), the engines in all 1991+ Wrangler's are fuel injected, the bodies are less prone to rust. A 80's CJ does have the very strong Dana 300 T-case though.

    A Wrangler > CJ

    -John :cool: