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I might be buying a new TJ and I want to put my plow from my 1990 jeep to a new one. I have a friend that has done this and there is only one small modification that needs to be done. I call to a local western dealer that helped me the last time that I was in trouble and asked if they would like to put my plow from one jeep to the other. The guy replies that the mount and the harness are not compatible. I explained to him that my friend has already done it and that I just need to make some supports from the bottom of the mount going to the frame of the jeep. He says that he wants nothing to do with it and quotes me a price for a new mount and harness. He went on to say that my headlights are square and the new jeep has round headlights (they are both exactly the same 3 prong plug!) I guess that I will save money on my labour and do it myself. Silly Western dealer.


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