JD550h or Case750

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by pace lawn care, Feb 8, 2001.

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    My Co. is looking to buy a JD550H or a Case 750, for use in the woods as a fireplow. Drove both, but I have concerns about the hydrostast on the JD. I'm afraid when we get it stuck it won't pull it's self out by chaining to the tracks. Anyone have any input on either, or both, of the tractors? How they hold up, power, overall Preformance.
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    From my experiances of using a JD 550 (rental) was the amazing use of it as a finish dozer. The controls are very precison. Never got it stuck though and I can see your concern for that matter. Also if your used to operating a larger dozer (D6-D8) then it will take some time to get used too. My problem was over correcting because of the sensitivity of the controls. But after some time you get used to it you feel you can finish grade with it!
    As for the Case, my shop had one, used it mainly for stockpiling materials. Altough it was a while back that I used it, I remember it being a sturdy machine, capabile of that job. I beleive it's tougher that the JD. Therefore probley better for cutting firebreaks. My .02 cents
    A funny story to go along with that Case: We aquired it from Alaska at the time I was in Georiga when we got it. I was the first to try it out. It was well kept and only uesd to stockpile snow. Well, to assit the heat in the cab they turned to engine fan blade around to blow in HOT air. Needless to say, Georiga summers plus the hot air blowing and dust all over me. It was a bad/good experiance Athough my co-workers thought it was funny, we all learned something and still laugh about the sight of me stepping out of the DOZER covered with dust and sweat!
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    Walt, thanks for the reply. When we get a dozer stuck, the mud creates such a suctions that I'm afraid the hydro's will just stall. Anyone else?