JD 7 ft wide snow blower, out of action, need advice


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Elk River, MN
I acquired a barely used JD SB84B snow blower attachment for my ASV SR80 track loader to clear my 1/2 mile lane. This one is 7 ft wide, two stage, Low flow feed. After a fair amount of work and investigation I found the following. . .

-- Owner's jerry rigged, Elec. harness is basically junk, may have had something to do with him selling it! I had to buy a special harness from ASV to feed the four outputs(snorkel Rt/Left, snorkel deflector up/down)

--- can't find a manual for a JD snowblower without buying from JD. not gonna.

-- The little gear motor that turns the snorkel is underpowered -- even after cleaning up the base-bearing surface and greasing it. I will likely have to buy a larger one and "adapt" it to allow snorkel to turn reliably. I visited JD today and see that instead of gear motors they now use hydraulic motors. A sure sign of the need for more power. However, this new one is about 3x the price I paid.
Wondering if any one out there has one of these JD blowers on a skid steer?

-- Found out my Low flow hydraulic circuit on my SR80 does not work. Now i have to fix that too!

So, really looking for folks who have had to make the snorkel really "work" on one of these JD blowers. ?? thanks!

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