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Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by 10elawncare, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. 10elawncare

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    my jack stand got bent and is starting to bend more. Where can i pick up a replacement? I called my dealer but he is on vacation until next week sometime so.....

  2. Stankonya

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    Use a floor jack in the meantime.
  3. madmaxxxx

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    I just use wood blocks until I get a replacement. You can order one and get it ups from CPW.
  4. 06HD BOSS

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    i dunno what dealer your trying or how far this is from you, but try butler in westhartford. theres also a small boss dealer in wallingford, dunno the name
  5. MightySal

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    Try Strollo's Towing in Cheshire he is the Boss dealer that most of CT dealers get their parts from.
    203 272 5384
  6. I took mine off long ago and use a mini floor jack (which also travels in the truck).
    I may be able to find it --dont recall if i bent it but dont think so.

    I did make a T-Cradle for storing the plow long term with heavy casters (appliance
    dollys from HDepot for $20) so I can move it around in the shop.

  7. wild bill

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    jack him up

    man there is no perfect solution , the one i liked boss year's ago had a mini bulldog screw adjustable jack that was trick ! it worked great when you needed just a little bit extra height when the plow stand settled into the ground ,or when it snowed and you ran up on the snow and it raised the plow up enough that it raised the plow up enough that it wont hook up .