Ive run into a snag rebuilding my qjet- look at the pic

mike reeh

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Im rebuilding a quadrajet for my truck. I have two good complete carbs, both from '77 pickups..

One of the float bowls had two of the holes plugged with ball bearings, seemingly the same ball bearing used in the accel pump circuit.. The red arrows point to the holes, one of them still has the ball bearing in it..


One of the bearings pushed out, the other is in there a little better.. the OTHER carb I have didnt have the holes plugged, and dough roe's qjet book doesnt mention plugging these holes at all.. Im planning on leaving them out but if someone could shed a little light on the situation, that would be great.

ideas?? im stumped.

mike reeh


leave them out the only one that you use is in the pump circut i have built several thats the only ball i use the rebuild kit also comes with just one someone has probaly been into that carb checked manual that the only one they show


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Have you tricked it. We use to put in high volume secondary metering rods and at the very least drill out the secondary bowl fill holes. We would also loosen the springs on the secondary butterfly's. Fuel starvation was the biggest problem we ever had. I use to love to work on a QJ.

Like 4x4k20, I don't remember any additional balls.


John DiMartino

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Had many a Q-jet apart-never seen a ball where yours is,Im stumped too.Dont loosen the secondary spring tension much,they'll open to fast,then you'll get the dreaded bog when it leans out momentarily,this is much worse with a manual tranny than an auto.Check the primary and secondary choke pull-offs too,they go bad often and will let the choke stay on,and load up the engine with fuel.


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The bog was the coolest thing. I know it didn't do much for performance but we loved the sound and the kick. It would also break the wheels loose on a 77' Formula I had. I updated the engine with a .030 over 68' 428 Pontiac and 3.73 posi. I used nothing but a QJs.

Ahhh...the good old days.


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