It's Snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Western CT

I heard snow for the whole state Friday afternoon and night.

It is cold here now 26 and the temperature has been falling since the morning. Supposed to be in the low 20's tonight.

Rob Veteran
That would be great !! I haven't really checked since this morning but then they were saying Freezing Rain / Sleet with little accumulation. (I'm right on the coast, in Stratford) As usual, we'll just have to wait and see what we get. In any case.... I'm ready !


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We were supposed to get 4-6" today but the jetstream did it's normal crap job andmoved it about 100 miles south. I do not know what the problem is!!! Why is southern Illinois and Missouri getting 30" so far this year and us in the NORTH barely got 1/4". I am getting depressed again:(


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We had a white plowable christmas but intellicast and the weather channel is saying an inch if we are luckly in joliet


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And now its not....

Love the weather persons... I can watch the storm on the map, heading north, just missing my area on both sides.... not one flake to speak of other than the weather chanel, that said we were lucky not to get hit yet. Whatever.. Congrats to the ones who see the lucky flakey friend of ours.....

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