It's Snowing

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I was mowing the last lawn today and the rain came in... but it hurt!! Oh, that's sleet pelting me!! Not supposed to happen here in October LOL :confused:

:nono: Mother Nature! The spreaders aren't hooked up yet, haven't even broken out any leaf clean up equipment yet.

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At least it will help the stragglers sign contracts.

Just finished the spreaders last week. Ran all the blowers too. At this point, I can not say enough about how great Lubra-Seal is for spreaders. We'll see at the end of the season how much it helped. It's expensive, but it sure seems to work. It is messy though, much like working with Neverseize... No matter how careful you are, it gets everywhere!

I picked up 2 extensions for our Western V boxes that make operating the spreaders easy when on stacks of pallets. Each one is 4' long, and goes for $20. That extra 8' allows you to get somewhat close with a truck and still be able to run the spreaders. From what I have been told, the extensions are a relatively new offering from Western. Much easier than loading a spreader to test it.



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Weather Forecast for yesterday and last night.......

Forecast started out at 2+" of snow for tuesday...50%

Tuesday afternoon forecast changed to 1", 40%

Last night changed again to snow flurries, 20%

Conclusion: 18 degrees, clear skies this morning at 5:00 am?

Weather guys 0-1 for the year, think I will keep track...

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Originally posted by THREE W
Weather Forecast for yesterday and last night.......

Forecast started out at 2+" of snow for tuesday...50%

Tuesday afternoon forecast changed to 1", 40%

Last night changed again to snow flurries, 20%

Conclusion: 18 degrees, clear skies this morning at 5:00 am?

Weather guys 0-1 for the year, think I will keep track...

Repeat of last year???

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For a week weathermen has been talking about snow today, October 30. Their forecast was made on these days:
Sunday: Snow
Monday: Light snow
Tuesday: Very light snow
Tuesday evening: Snow showers
Tuesday late night: Flurries

Conclusion: Today was mostly cloudy, temp in the high 30s, and not a flake sighted.


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Boy, the weathermen take it worse than lawyers, politicians, and used car salesmen put together.

When your forecast starts out at a 50% chance of anything, be just as prepared to sleep as you are to plow.

Making a weather forecast is kind of like predicting the Super Bowl winner halfway through the season. It could happen that you make a correct educated guess, but it is more likely that the team you select may make the playoffs, but fall short of winning the big game, even if they do make it there.

There are many factors that can change the outcome of predicted weather and, unfortunately, they cannot be nailed down any better than what forecasters are currently doing.


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I am starting to like the forecasters out here.

Monday - 2" - 4" - we get 6".
Tuesday - Flurries - we get 6"
Wednesday - Clear Skys - we get 3"
Today (Thurs) - Overcast - 2" on the ground, and still comming down.

Gotta love it when you have to plow 4 times before Halloween



Now you got my mouth watering and my wallet jumping.

Good luck, hope you both, have a lot of snow this season!

But when you need a rest, send it to eastern Kansas!! :D :p


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Closed down the brewpub at 11 pm last night, got up at 4 am to start plowing, got breakfast at 9am went to open brewpub at 10am :sleeping: :sleeping:

Flipped a manhole cover out for the first time... First time I plowed an apartment complex and didn't notice it in the apron leading into the lot.. Jumped out quick to put back.


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Somebody from Old Farmer's Almanac was on local radio today. He predicted, locally, a snowstorm for Thanksgiving, another for Christmas, big storms and lots of snow for January and February and snow up into April. He also said he really didn't want to talk about his predictions for last year. :nono:

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Forecast here is for night temps in the low 20s with rain or snow tomorrow through Sunday with daytime temps either low 30s or "near 30". It was clouding over at dusk so they may be right. I have one truck saddled up with plows front and rear and the vee box all checked out and ready to stuff in the truck. I was planning on getting in a load of salt tomorrow to add to the ton or so I have on hand. That idea may be going down the tube as I have a crippled dozer that needs attention in the morning (i'm working part time with some digging equipment now). IF they are right there is the potential for some pavement icing. It didn;t warm up enough today (21° this morning to get the frsot out of the ground surface. Couple more nights of that and it could be cold enough to glaze over and need a little salt to keep things safe.
HEY ALL.........Central and northern NY here.................
Friday...Lewis cty, Oswego cty. got clobbered. 1 foot
of snow and ice. Power lines down ! 18 miles of
Rt 81 closed between sandy creek and hastings
30 vehicle accidents on this stretch !
DARN IT...Snow missed my place in Hannibal,
Oswego cty not a drop ! My place in Alexandria
Bay NY NADA also......The places where they got the
snow is between both places...BOO HOO !
My rig is ready to rock too!

OH ! like snow falling now in alex by as I type !
Better go warm up my rig. Wanna try out my new
Turkey Wings !............geo


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winterset iowa
I just got an email for my "personal forecast" from a local TV station calling for 3 inches starting tonight.:D

Checked the other stations websites and no mention of snow tonight.:confused:

Oh well if it does, I'm ready,
Mark K
HEY TO PLAY today ! My Alex. Bay NY
place got about 2 inches today ! Managed to
tear up my grass to check out my turkey wings !
My place in Hannibal got NADA ! So. Jefferson
cty and Syracuse NY are getting it right now !
Oh yea got to shovel in front of my motel here
and use some Magic Salt !
Since I aM RIGHT OFF rT 81 exit 50 so. there
is a NYS trans. barn across street. Big boy
plows are out and havin' fun making $$$$ OT
Its snowing now too !.............geo
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AH YES>>>>>3 inches of wonderful white
last nite in Alex. Bay NY.. GOt to play
again today about 6am ! Too bad it was a
freebie ! No shoveling today that magic salt
did the trick.....Heck got to rent 3 rooms last
night because of the blowing snow on
RT 81 north ! Sun is out now melting
everything ! Still nada in Hannibal tho...
Turkey wings working great !
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