It's official. LINZ6s too bright!

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by Pinzgauer, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Pinzgauer

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    I always thought that the Wheelen LINZ6 are the brightest ones going. But now it's official: today I got pulled over by a cop who then told me that my ambers were "too bright and distracting!".
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    wow what a colossal jerk. I cant count the amount of times the lights on cruisers of some overpaid cop doing traffic detail have been so bright it was very hard to see. You should have asked him about that.
  4. OP

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    I always thought that was the whole point of ambers, being noticed.
    Since this however happened in the civilized state of CT I didn't make an issue of it as I believe CT requires a permit for ambers, which I, from the uncivilized state of VT, of course don't have.
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    What a jerk he must be to live with . Cant think of much worse than that type of cop; as he will give them all a bad name...................... what in hell would he care how bright your lights were?
    Probably doesnt like Vermonters............... dont sell them anymore Maple Syrup down there!
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    CT you only need a permit for use on public roads
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    Were you plowing? I know a buddy of mine decided to tow his trailer all the way across CT with a full edge strobe bar going. I warned him not to...Needless to say he got a ticket too. Don't fool around in CT, but if you have a plow, and its snowing you should be OK.
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    Flatlander that's hilarious
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    Same here in New Jersey.
    Permit is for that vehicle and needs renewing every four years.
    Must be in vehicle at all times.
    Right now it is $25.00 for the four years, but you know it always goes up.
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    well I guess I wont order them then
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    I just upgraded to the LINZ6 from the TIR3 and so much better of a light. I had 2 TIR3's on my back rack now I've got 4 LINZ6 and they are soooo bright. I love them and would absolutely order them again if I need more.
  15. justme-

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    LIN distribute the light better than TIR from what I've seen just wished they made a LIN4 smaller physically as I like the dual channel tho most of the pro installers dislike the dual channel lights since from a distance they look like twinkling lights instead of a good signal warning.
    Going with some Tomar RECT13 and RECT14's personally - as much or more output as the TIR but less then half the physical size.

    BTW CT staties are the WORST - they harassed my boss (day job) about a DOT number and truck maintenance records for a RENTAL TRUCK that he rents once a year for 2 weeks and clearly says "Penske" on the box. After that we got the MA DOT involved - after an hour of asking the same questions (where do you park the truck, where are maintenance records, drivers info...) repeatedly the little hamster in his head finally got back on the wheel and he realized were didn't even HAVE a truck!

    Got DOT numbers just to shut them all up.
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    stop drinking the whelen kool-aid

    when a manufacture is forced to incorporate a 50% dimmer option on a lighting appliance, then your talking business

    this is my POV Seizure Machine. 45" Federal Signal Legend.

    and as far as the comment of the split linz head or "dual channel" yes, it is a terrible flash pattern and cuts the light output by a lot. a local chief has them split red white and looks like a couple cell phones blinking on the grill. useless.
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  17. kitn1mcc

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    one big difference between Federal and whelen

    Whelen has a made in the USA sticker Federal can not
  18. cubanb343

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    your neighbors must hate you after making that video!
  19. justme-

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    Wow, my rotator from Federal has a Made in US sticker - guess a lot has changed.
    Last Tomar I bought was made in US too...
  20. kitn1mcc

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    tomar i belive still gets a sticker

    also select federal items do but the LED stuff no