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It's alive! A few uestions though.

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by Brett K, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Brett K

    Brett K Member
    Messages: 42

    This weekend, I finally finished rebuilding my MM1 and mounting it on my truck and I have the bloody knuckles to prove it from all those damn cotter keys. Some quick questions...

    1. I put on a new cutting edge and new plow feet. Even with all the washers on the feet, it still rides on the 6 inch cutting edge, which makes life miserable plowing my gravel driveway. Anyone else have this problem? Both are bought right from the Fisher dealer.

    2. How do I set the lift chain? When I drop the blade on an even surface, I still have 4 inches of lift ram cylinder exposed. I am trying to get a bit more lift to keep it from scraping on steeper driveways. If I have the blade up and angle it, the corner is just an inch or two from the ground. Should I set the chain to pull the lift ram all the way down when I lower the blade or should I move the chain to the rear holes on the A frame?

    3. The one angling ram rests on the plow frame, while the other has about 1/4 inch cleearance. There are a few minor twists in the plow from years of use and abuse. Is it ok to put a few washers on the angling ram cotter pin to raise it enought to keep it up off the blade frame?