Is this truck worth it....

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    I am looking into this truck...It looks like it has not been plowed with, no looks of a frame. It is a 1999 Chevy Silverado extended cab 4x4 with 8ft box. They are asking 9,350. Here are the stats....and pics.....any input?

    1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
    Price: $9,350
    Mileage 118,762
    Color Red
    Interior Gray
    Engine Vortec V8
    Trans. Auto
    3rd Door
    ABS Brakes
    AM/FM CD Player
    Air, Cruise & Tilt
    Alloy Wheels
    Dual Air Bags
    Extended Cab
    Four Wheel Drive (4x4)
    LS Trim Pkg.
    Long Box (8 ft. box)
    Power Windows, Locks & Mirrors
    A Chevy Silverado 2500 Extended Cab Long Box 4X4!!



  2. creativedesigns

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    Just slap a blue oval on the front grill & it should be fine!!! :D:drinkup:
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    looks fine to me
  4. albhb3

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    What the tranny even if it does only have around 117000 miles on it they like to break right around that point abused or not We have an 01 1500 with 96000 miles on it and it just went many people have had this problem a plate inside of the case breaks and then one day youll only have reverse,1,2 and 3 will rev way up just lettin you know.
  5. OP

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    I am partial to my chevys....I had a sheriff pull up to me one night, snowing like hell. He says where is your caution light. I told him that the only people that need them are the guys running fords and dodge so when they break down or get stuck the tow truck can find them....The sheriff chuckled and said that was a good one and drove away,,,,,hehe:drinkup:payup
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    I think thats alot of miles for that truck. I would offer $8500. But, then again, it is the LS package. I just dont like a used truck with over 100k on it, Chevy or not.
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    will that seems like an ok price but a guy buy me has a 2000 2500 LS LT rims off a HD and new tires and only 100,000 miles with a 7.5 western ultramount and a snow-ex 1075 salter and a new trans and he only wants $9,500payup
  8. NBI Lawn

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    Isnt that what later became the 1500HD? Whats the GVRW? May not be as HD as it appears. Price doesnt seem to be out of line from what I have been seeing. Shot a low offer and find a used plow.