Is this any good?

Well... if I am correct a 742 is gas??? Personally I wouldn't touch it (too old and too small).. but your business and circumstances may be different... I will tell you that it might make a decent little snow machine for you.. good for loading salt, moving small piles etc. What its worth... I would not pay more than $3000-$4000. for it depending on what shape its in... You can get a early 90's 750 series for around $5000-7000 with about 3000 hrs on them... just keep that in mind. Go to and look at all the Bobcats that are for sale and you'll see what the going rates are on the machines.


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even #'s on the bobcats are gas odd diesel ,I personaly would not touch a gas unit.The diesel much better for running all day 742 is a bit small but not that bad for small work look in the trader .

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