Is my 4wd broke??

I used my 4 wheel drive on the highway for the first time yesterday. (Got 22 out of 30 miles driven to take college finals only to have them cancelled at 7:50 - they were supposed to start at 8:00.)

Anyway, I think there MUST be something wrong with my 4 wheel drive. After I locked the hubs and shifted the transfer case, I found that my traction was much better. But I didn't get the sudden feeling that I could drive 85 mph on a highway with visibility down to a couple hundred yards (at most), with the highway packed 100% with ice and snow (stay between WHAT lines??) I saw a little Oldsmobile spin out into the median (a State Trooper made the guy nervous and he hit the brakes and spun out) and I watched a semi drive right into the median (near whiteout conditions - must have thought he was still on the road.)

Does having 4 wheel drive mean that my truck is glued to the road? Or that I can see through snow better than people with 2 wheel drive?


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Dont forget the SUVitis other symptoms. Extremely great braking on pure ice. You still only have 4 wheel braking. Get ready for all those SUV's with big headed Yuppies and GenXers thinking they are immune to the dangerous road conditions.

Be Careful


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And the luxury car owners

Usually wearing a suit ,talking on a cell phone ,sipping cappucino & reading the wall street journal while driving a: (pick one)Lexus , BMW, Audi, Lincoln, Mercedes, who are convinced they are the masters of the universe and its their God given right to drive however fast they want cause theyre important people ,and the weather be damned. Ill never forget what my Dad told me when I bought my first 4x4 Bronco(yes I owned a four letter "F" word & yes I am ashamed) "You may go like hell but remember Dan you stop just like everybody else "!


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