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    My welder is selling one of is truck, This is a 90's f-250 Hd, v8 351(5.8L), 5 speed stick, f-350 DRW, 104 000Km (65 000 miles). Always well maintened, brand new clutch, radiator, all exhaust pipe, 800$ on the brake and the front end bearing and bushing are new too.(he bought it srping 97 and done the great job to it)

    need to replace the driver side exhaust manifold(345 from the dealer or 250 at NAPA) and a rear break cylinder (40 at the dealers) and a alignement.

    The truck was painted 3 years ago, showing no rust or peel off paint. He also included the aluminium bed (value of 6 000$ brand new in 97), fifth wheel, goose neck and brake control.

    The truck as been evaluate at 18 000 in fall 97 and he want 9 000$. I have an apointement wednesday for both inspection and evaluation.

    So if could have some opinion or some comments on thing i need to get an eyes closer.

    I will be the only one driver, i drive less than 15000 km(9000 miles) per years in a 10 miles radius, so like i said in previous post i'am not really concern about the fuel saving of a diesel. altought i plan to try a 9.5 v-plow( 8 200$) or our aftyermarket 8' fisher with hydraulics prowing ( 15 000$ probably to expensive for a 90 truck). both weight a lot,i know, but i plow only on a 3 miles radius route. i will also try to find a 7' v-box and i will buy a little honda snowblower to fit somewhere. Summertime i need to tow some heavy weight sometime.

    Thanks everyone

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    BTW is it possible to backdrag with a v plow, my fisher dealer had only sell one and this guys is not living in my area, so i can't see one in action.
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    can't have a 9.5' V Plow on an F 350. 9.5' V-plows are for the F 450s and F 550s.

    Gotta use the 8.5'


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    From what I see of the truck in the photo and from reading your description of the unit and what you plan to do, I think you will do alright with this one - it will come down to what the inspection and evaluation Wednesday tells you. As for specifics on which plow will work best for you, and the suitability of back dragging with a V-blade, I'll let others more qualified answer those questions. Nice to see a fellow Canadian here too!

    1975 GMC C-35
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    Either your english has gotten much better, or you've become a whiz at the translation program.

    Just thought you should know that the improvement is noticeable and recognizable.
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    Not to be ignorant but what are you talking about?
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    I believe John is talking about Denis' English being that he speaks and writes French.
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    I see. My bad I did not know. This is an interesting fact. He uses a translator on the computer??? Wow technology amazes me. Good for you Denis. And good for Lawnsite and the internet bringing even those who speak other languages closer.
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    Yes it is possible to backdrag with the Western and Fisher V plows. They do a fine job.

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    5 step English lesson.

    1 The discovery of Lawnsite.

    2 Get partnership with, probably the only one, english contractor of your area.

    3 Get contract from him, all reference he gave me were english people.

    4 Get addict to lawnsite.

    5 Finally, don't use any translation software until your french is equal or better than a writer, teacher or journalist. I get so funny result with this.

    (true story)

    our hydraulics pro wings, probably add more than 250 pounds to the regular 8' fisher, here cou can see this set up a lot, even on gm IFS ( torsion bar cranked at max), now customer think you are not efficient if you don't have a big plow.

    do you loose some snow by the center, and do you use backdrag edge like on a regular plow.

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    Geoff and always part ways on the size of truck required for certain plows,it is not impossible to put a 9ft plow on that truck.It not only will work but work well,it may not be manufacture recommended,but it will work.One major problem I have with the afor mentioned truck requirement of a 450 size truck is that you would have to buy Ford in order to meet that requirement with a truck that had 4x4.Chevy does not make a truck that is rated in a 450 class with 4x4 it takes a $9000 conversion from someone like Monroe. There is a huge gap between what the plow manufacture recommends and what a truck can actually handle, and it would seem in your case warranty is not an issue so I say do what you want. Now I don't usually buy Fords so I may be wrong, maybe a Ford 350 is not quite the truck that my 1/2 ton v6 is. All this time that may have been the thing all these 450/550 Ford enthusiasts were doing,trying to protect us from trucks that don't hold up,HMMM.
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    i like the truck alot .the short bed with the dullies is what ive been looking for.the only question i would have is if with the 5 speed stick depending on what kind of accounts your doing it could be a bit much shifting and plowing after along amount of time and from what ive been told the clutchs have been known to overheat now thats just what ive heard none of my trucks have ever been sticks.
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    ok..ok... i understand that the plow weight is a factor of wears and tears, and i may be outlaw if i overweight my i have few month in front of me to select and install a plow...

    I'll use this truck for res. and few small commercial lot.

    BlackIceGuru, this is not a SWB, behind the weel is a 45 degre angle and few more inches more bed.( we can't see it trought the picture.

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    Diggerman,that truck is only an F250-with the weak TTB front axle,I dont think he should be hanging anything heavy on that front end,unless its been converted to the Dana 60-which i doubt.If he puts an 8 ft Fisher on that thing,and 250lb the wings-kiss that axle goodbye.Mot guys here run 8 ft Fishers,and its clearly to heavy since the front ends are all bottomed out with them on,unless they have a lot of ballast in the back.The F350 doesnt even move an inch with an 8 ft Fisher on it,no ballast at all.Denis,if your going to hang a 9 fter or a homemade (heavy plow with wings,wait and buy a real 1 ton with the solid axle front end.It is so much stronger,and will handle the weight much better.If you just using a standard 8-81/2 ft plow you could get by with this truck.
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    John your right only the rear axle is a 350 drw, the front end ids still 250HD, what you mean by TTB and how could i know wich one front axle is on it.
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    4 Saisons, about the center hinge point, there is a rubber block there to stop snow from leaking thru. They will backdrag ok. The back drag blade I think your talking about would have to be made up of 2 small ones 1 on each wing.
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    Denis - the Twin Traction Beam (as Ford calls it) can be identified by being hinged in the middle as you look at it from the front. The housing is stamped steel and the differential bolts in from the rear. As others have said, it is too light for your vee-plow wishes.

    The F-350 uses a solid (straight) Dana Corp. model 60 axle that is up to the challenge of a 9.5' vee, especially with a gas motor above it. Hope this helps.

    One other thing - I have looked at welders/mechanics trucks used before, and I figured out that, while they don't have many miles on them, they sometimes have had many idling hours that don't show up. Watch for upper engine wear as a sign of a life spent idling with little oil pressure.

    Good luck.
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    Hey Digger.
    Wouldn't the Chevy 3500 HD be in the same claqss as the 450? I think they both have a 15K GVW. If I'm wrong let me know cause I'm looking to get another one here pretty soon.
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    That is correct SCL but the Chevy 3500hd is not available in 4x4.

    John like I have said many times before I had a BOSS 9'2" on a 1/2 ton chevy v6 and it was an impressive rig.I have since moved the wings to a 3/4 ton extended cab and have used that all this season.I own 4 9'2" and have them on two 3/4 tons and two single wheel Dodges.So the fact that he has a truck he likes available and priced right should not stop him from doing what he wants.
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    The HD 3500 is available in 4x4 from GM through an after market company. I have seen one, and it looked sweet, something GM should have done along time ago.
    75 started a thread regarding the problems with the TTB on some ford trucks. I would dare say that a GM front end, especially 87 and back, is stronger than a 3/4 ton TTB.