Is it possible ???

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Landscaper27 - I don't where you're located or how much snow you generally get, but I would be inclined to stay way from using a 1/2 ton 2wd to plow snow - that's coming from someone who DOES plow with a 2wd, but it's an older 1-ton dually.

Weight makes the difference: I don't know what the GVW is on the 1/2 ton, but I'm betting mine's a good ton heavier at least - I'm around 8,000# plus - but I still have to remember to stay within my limits: Flat, open lots are what the 2wd truck does well. Driveways it's not so good on.


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Aside from the lightest of the light series plows available, the front end just wont survive. And I refer to the snow wolf type plows from the big box stores.

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boy you sure didnt waste any time wracking up posts. 10 already and its your first day:D . i plowed with a chevy 1500, and the front end sagged, but i cant see how you could plow with a 2 wd. i dont think youd get enough traction.


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but i cant see how you could plow with a 2 wd. i dont think youd get enough traction.
Well, I do have 4wd, and use it when needed. But I do a lot of plowing in 2wd (mostly flat areas). You just have to use your power wisely. Starting out by spinning the tires does no good in 2wd or 4wd.

It can be done with 2wd, but I prefer to have 4wd because you never know when you may need it.

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The main reason I'm using a 2wd for plowing right now is: I already had the truck.

In the flat lots, momentum works to your advantage, typically I drop the blade on the way into the lot for the first pass and try to have the truck moving before I drop the blade on subsequent passes. Being a 1-ton, there's enough weight to do some pushin'. I also have a hefty winch on the back which has come in handy a couple times. So 2wd works OK for me - in the right application.

Having said that, my current "nutcase" project is a heavy duty 4x4 frame for the 'ol truck............................. but I'll still have it in 2 wheel for a lot of what I'll be doing. 4x4 will just make it that much better.


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With weight you can get along even if it is just 1000 lbs. You'll need to stay with the smallest plow possible and won't be able to pile much. We can push our Meyer 7.5's with 2WD, but for the Boss 8' 2" we need to use 4WD especially when in the scoop position. Stick with a light, steel, straight blade.

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Besides staying with flat lots, you should put about 500 pounds of weight in the bed and use studded tires. Get a winch or come-along for emergencies. Just take it slow and easy.

You will get stuck pushing on inclines.
welcome aboard 27, knowing where your from my suggestion would be no,,,but it is not impossible...pretty sure you wont be happy with the end result though good luck with whatever you decide....