Is he lost?

Where has Geoff gone off to????<br>I don't think he's made a post for nearly a week. I think he said something about a vacation. Anyway Geoff, some of us miss you.<p><br>vince

GeoffD Veteran
I am here alive and well, have been busy with work over the weekend. I sent bryan(snow) a some pictures of my pull plow, that i built. They should be on his page soon, i hope. I plan on building a second and maybe a third pull plow over the summer ( i plan on going to the dealer in maine, for one of vince's edges, to try on the pull plow).<p>I have also began working on getting the snow equipment for storage. Had one funny thing happen over the weekend. Went to check the auto trans fluid, when i pulled out the dipstick, half the tube came out with it.<p>The pull plows don't go through edges fast, so i am looking for better cutting, and less damage.<p>Geoff<p>
Geoff,<p>Good to hear from you. We were all hoping to at least meet your son on friday. Look, don't get your edge from Fairfield, between me and Dino, we'll get you one to try out. We want your input as to how it worked. I need to compile data so as to constantly improve our product.<p><br>vince<br>

tru cut Veteran
geoff, <br>I talked to vince at concord about putting the edges on the pull plows, he said thay would work very well.I plan on putting one on both my pull & my &quot;v&quot;after seeing is a really neat materal! On the pull plow im looking for a little better scrap and also i think the urathane will follow the contour better or uneven pavement.<p>----------<br>Todd <br>

GeoffD Veteran
Vince: I believe in your product. It's just i am a die hard mainer, and like most mainers i don't like taking things for free. I plan to buy your products, and believe me i will be happy to voice my results on the forum. If they work as good as everyone else thinks, next winter it won't be Diamond in almost every post, it will be Urethane edges in almost every post. <p>It's nothing against your company, or you, it's just a personal thing ( I have been like that all my life). Maybe some other guys would like to try before they buy. Look at it this way this forum sold me on a snowpusher, thats a lot more than a cutting edge. They were correct about the pusher, i bet they are correct about the edges, i am sold.<p>I also talked to my buddy at the my towns DPW Forman. Anyways on monday (today) like 5 or 6 town's DPW forman get together and talk about DPW stuff, he plans on talking about your edges, he is also looking into them.<p>Geoff<br>
Geoff,<p>No problem. If you are going to Fairfields to get your edge, they will have to order it for you so make sure you ask for the MTS edge, not the other brand they carry. i just didn't want you getting our edges mixed up with competitors.We are not sole source for them.<p>vince

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