Is everyone out plowing or opening presents?


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weather men screwed up this morning......we got about 4-8" from 2 am to 7 am(they said we were going to get 1-2") so we went plowing at 9am and had everything opened by 11am. Did gifts the rest of the day and will return to the truck around 2 am to plow the houses again and start the commercials.

Pretty easy snowfall,would actually be fun if it wasn't x-mas day. #1 bonus not a single "hey where are you call"


newtown ct
here in ct

still coming down great guns here in ct. About 4 inches or so but heavy stuff. thinking about one more slice of pie and a cup of joe then hit the rack and get an early start. weatherman says It should stop after midnight. maybe I will get going around 2 or so. the kids just went to bed and boom out like a light. They were shot, little one "5" never saw so much stuff this morning.....still got a big grin on his face................
chicago IL
well, I got to plow from 11:00am christmas day till 5:00pm christmas day! Me and my family opened all the presents in the morning! WE had a bout 2 inches to plow! Now its time to eat dinner,spend an hour with the family and go to bed!

Ultimate lawns and more,


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Glenview, Ill.
White Christmas

Howard at least we got a little blade time in today, nice 3" to 4" snowfall that stopped about 4:30 this morning. (We were only "going" to get maybe and 1") Made for a long Christmas Day. John


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well i thought i wasn`t going to plow today from what i was hearing.they really screwed up got 5 inches and its still coming down hard.should be all done in an hour or two thinking about going out around 3 AM to do my one commercial.then start the res
thank god for the snow!!!


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I just got in at 10:00PM, started plowing last night at12:00AM. Three of my drivers backed out on me today. Nothing like plowing 130 driveways by yourself. Next snowfall can wait! I need to plow 1 more large commercial, but need some sleep first.

As far as weather forcasts go, this last storm prediction, or lack of, was the worst one, that I can recolect. Prediction: Tuesday morning - Clear, with no snow Prediction Tuesday night - cloudy, with a flurry or two. We got 3" and no weather forcasts even predicted accumulating snow. Guess they were to busy working on the eastern storm.



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It was bright and sunny here all day....

Parents house in CT (Wilton) probably got some but they are in Moscow, Russia visiting my brother... Might be still there when they get back on 1/3/03...


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Western New York
Didnt go so smoothly for me.

Woke up at 8am, opened gifts at 9, started plowing arround 10 hit everyone except bar & vacant houses. Picked mom & daughter up & went to aunts house. 5pm dropped daughter off. Plow wouldnt move, dropped mom off & fiddled with controler for 45min till I found out the wire that runs into the fuse box simply poped off. Plowed the bar just in time. Went to parrents for dinner, then fell asleep on the couch. Mom franticly woke me up at 3am becasue my father was having a hard time breathing & thought he was having another heart attack. Threw them in truck & rushed to the ER. Where we sat arround forever wating for the EKG, blood tests & chest X-rays. Dr. said most everything looked ok. Left Hospital at 4am in 4wd becasue the guys salting are morons. Plowed a few drives again. Mom called, dad's ok has bad broncitius & possibly an infection, went back to hospital. Father got discharged at 6am. Took them home & finished up plowing everyone. Sat in a driveway & wonderd why one of mine was allready plowed & another was 1/2 way done. Customers are outta town. Picked up precriptions & finnaly got home.
Now here I am.
No one called, one customer gave me a $50 tip for the year. Another gave me a holiday mug filled with home made chocolates.
Many cars in drievays, I saw more outta state plates today I do on the thruway.

This was one heck of a crazy day/night/day...
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Anyone know a site that can give the official snowfall totals? Chicago was expecting near nothing, but I'm guessing we got around 4". I'd like to say 5" as I get more money at that threshold. But would like to see official totals first.



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Go to the national weather service run a search for your town then click on a subtitlle " Recent weather events " scroll throught the counties and find your town or something nearby . I use this when customers try to pull " Well I know it didnt snow that much "


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They screwed up big time on Long Island. Said may change from rain to snow late with maybe 1"-2". When all done 8". Went out at7PM on Xmas and got done at 8AM this mornind. Very heavy wet snow.


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I don't know where the weather forecasters learned there trade because they never get it right. We were only supposed to get between a dusting and 2" on grassy area's. I plowed 8" from 5:30 pm to 2:30 am . and then went to work at 6am I can't wait to get some sleep!

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