Is a stock Alternator ok


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Have a 94 Jeep with 4cyl stock everything using a 6.5 western. Head Lights get real dim. Is a stock truck OK. Where would you start with the Alt or Batt.


Have the alt. checked to be sure you are getting the correct charge output, at the same time the battery can be checked.


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Definately, I would start with trying to get a bigger alternator ( If they make one for that application ) I ran into a problem with my older f 150. I had to get a bosh, that one cost me about $300...
If it is an old battery, replace that to... It would not hurt

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Lights dim all the time?

Or just when you hit the plow lift/angle?

Start with the battery. Get a load tester and test it. A load tester will also tell you the rate of charge.

I have a '75 Sub with a standard 65amp alt. and only a single battery. Don't have problems with it. On the '90, I have dual 1000cca batterys and a 105amp alt. Still dims the lights when lifting the plow.

Let us know what you come up with.


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Bigger alternator

I found this on Ebay It may help you I dont know about this company,But I do have a 120 amp Nippondenso like this that has plowed for several years with no problems it is very well built.

Item # 1873916662
You are bidding on a 100% NEW, made to original equipment specification alternator, that we have wound to 165 amps.

Fits all Jeep Wrangler, CJ 2.5L and 4.0L engines.The 91-98 Jeep Cherokee equiped with 5.2L and 5.9L. The 5.9L uses a 7 groove pulley. The alternator in this auction comes with a 6 groove pulley, you can use this alternator and install your 7 groove pulley.

This alternator will drop in place of your existing 90-amp unit and operates with the existing ecm voltage regulator.

This unit will provide 55-65 amps capability at 800 rpm and 165 amps at 1600 engine rpm.

This alternator has been variable speed load tested for performance!



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Before you go to the expense of new alternators, which if you are plowing quite a bit you may end up needing, I would try to check my ground wires going to the frame, and in fact add another one directly to the battery then to the pump motor frame. If you are running just the factory ground wire, you are maxing out the wire rating when you have all the accessories on at night and try to lift the plow.

Or, you could do the wise thing and get yourself a belt driven hydraulic lift pump for the plow. then the rest of the system can stay stock

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I have a '89 Toyota pickup with 6.5' Fisher plow on it. My Toyota has the stock alternator which I think is between 60 to 70 amps. Last year I bought an Optima Yellow Top battery which is designed for heavy and deep cycle. It seems to work out good for my Toyota. Perhaps you could try one of Optima's Batteries products.


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i also bought a yellow optima battery and i think it is a good item.
it is 975 amps, 850 cca ...lights dim just a tad when all accessories are on full blast and i operate the plow pump. cost me $120 but worth it. supposed to withstand running low better also if you leave something on.
think i have an 90 amp alternator.