is 8'6" enough for a DRW pickup


I want to buy a dual rear wheel truck, but I am concerned if my plow is wide enough to always take out the tracks. I am willing to spend the extra 1200 to get the dual rear wheels, but, If I have to buy a 9'2 boss that will make the price difference over 5000 and I will stay with SRW's.

slplow Veteran
If you are getting a v plow,you will need a 9.2 for boss and 9.5 for fisher. If you are getting a straight blade 8.5 will work just fine. I have the 8.5 fisher straight blade on my 2001 dodge drw and it clears no problem.

John DiMartino Veteran
Remember pickup truck duallys are about 5-8" wider than a cab&chassis dually.I wpould buy an 8-6 for a dually,might as well go at least 9 ft straight ,and especially V.

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8'-6" should work fine on your dually, I have an 8' Western straight blade on my GMC dually (it's got the w-i-d-e rear axle) and it works OK for me. (I'm assuming you're going with a pickup since you have the choice between SRW & DRW, so your rear axle would be the wide one too.) SCL has a good point about front axle weight capacity as well.


My current [plow is a 8'6" Hiniker V plow. It weighs 920 without the mounts which are another 120 for a ford 250. boss speced their weight on a 9'2 at 958 plus mounts. I guess weight won't really be an issue on F350 reg cabs though.

I don't know what the western, fisher plows weigh, but my biggest concern was if plowing mildly curving drives and around curbs if it would be big enough to roll the snow away from the outside dual. THe truck will be a chassis cab if it is a dually, I want to run a flat bed. I suppose wings wouldn't hurt when pushing windrows, as long as they weren't on when using the scoop position.

whew that was too long

thanks for the advice.

GeoffD Veteran
I think 8.5 is too small for a DRW.

All my F 350s with DRW except one have 9' straight blades. The one that doesn't has a 8.5' fisher v-plow. The trouble is with out a 9' blade the trucks tires track into unplowed area too much.

Ford's turning radius is enough in it's self to reguire a 9' straight blade.


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