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Hi everybody, before I start asking for free advice I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself.

My name is Dave, I live in Remsen, NY. My rig is a 95 Dodge 1500 with factory plow prep and tow package. It is fully loaded inside to make my time spent in the cab truely enjoyable. I'm new to plowing for hire and I am new to plowing with a truck. I have logged many, many hours plowing with a farm tractor with a 7 ft blade starting at age 12. I have to say I love plowing and have been hooked ever since I started and I can't think of any better way to spend a working day. Back in the tractor days I used to burn tank after tank of gas plowing for anybody who would let me do it (for free). Now gas is too expensive so I don't do that anymore. I am starting to enjoy plowing with my truck. Plowing with a truck sure beats the hell out of plowing with a tractor out in the elements, but I have found that it is a bit more complicated.

I stumbled accross this site mainly because I was having a few minor problems with plowing my own driveway. What a goldmine this forum is! I got the answers to my questions just by reading some of the conversations.

Just because I was looking for a solution to the problem I was having plowing my own driveway doesn't mean that is all that I am in it for. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go into business for myself, specifically plowing and lawncare (yes, I love mowing grass too even though I am highly alergic, i have found ways to get around the alergies).

I know this is the business for me, because I would do this just for fun if it weren't so expensive.

If anybody would like to share tips on running this kind of business I'd appreciate it. I'm starting our small, I have a few people tha call me now for emergencies, and they are calling me more and more. I think it is because I love my work and it shows. My philosphy is to do the best that I can for the customers that I have and the word will spread and more will come. Until eventually I can go at it full time, hire helpers, and turn down customers that are pains in the asses.

In my area the competition is high, with snowfalls aplenty so I don't think many residential and small commercial plowers around here are getting $90-$125/hr that many of you are. Probably closer to $70/hr. The average income around here is relatively low and the cost of living is also low. The average income and the competition coupled together (I imagine) will bring the fees down.

I'm rambling now so I'll stop. Comments on anything I wrote are welcome.



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I think all of here echo those comments regarding loving what we do, and doing a good job. I see many plowers that are just trying to make some quick cash, but really dont like what they are doing, and it shows. The love of the money will wear off quickly, and then the customer is left with a 1/2 plowed lot and alot of problems.
You seem to be on the right track, do some searches on different topics, and that will answer alot of business questions. Also a membership to SIMA is a great resource as well for business info. That is why they were created.
Fell free to give me a call at 860-859-0739 and I will be more than happy to discuss and aspect of plowing with you.


Im in the same boat as you. I love plowing! I did it for 5 years just for kicks not comercialy but then sold my truck. Finding this site was the best thing to happen to me since my wife and daughter. Next year I plan to go after it again only this time to make some money! The information the guys on this forum give is priceless and they gladly give it. Glad to meet you.



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Sounds like you have the right attitude to be successful. My philosophy is you can make money at anything if you do a good job. And if that job is something you love your living the American dream. My only advice(I have a lot to learn yet) is to work hard, get paid well, and pay off your debts.

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