Interior Rear View Mirror

Chuck Smith

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One of my website visitors asked this question, maybe someone here knows where to get this? I checked Jegs and Summit Racing, no luck.

"Hello I was looking for an interior mirror for my 71 chevy truck. One formed in the bowtie with a maplight. Saw one on a truck at a car show. I found one checking link pages one day and the computer froze. Been lookin ever since."

Anyone ever seen one of these?



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Fairbanks AK
I recall seeing one of these mirrors in a catalog, but I can't tell you if it had a map light or not. I think it was LMC inc. I don't know if they have a web page.


checked my LMC Truck catalogs (1 is Chevy..1 is GMC) they have interior mirrors but not shaped like a bowtie. checked the Year One catalog and they dont have it either.


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