I do a limited amount of snow removal using my fourwheeler. Where i live we get around 1-3 feet of snow a year. I recently talked to my town about snow removal on some downtown sidewalks. This town has a population of 3500 so were talking about around 11 blocks. I am not really sure what to charge, but an even bigger problem is getting insurance. I have never plowed the sidewalks before but i think it will take about an hour to do with almost no scooping. No one wants to insure an 18 year old kid, on a fourwheeler, plowing for a city.
Although how it looks now i won't need to worry about it. I am thinking about taking my blade off my fourwheeler and putting a squegee on.


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First, I would caution you to not even touch a plow to a city sidewalk unless you're properly insured - commercial vehicle and general liability. Same would hold true for a squegee.


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I would also have a clear agreement (contract) with the city. Usually this is handled by the town themselves but in a small town I could see them subbing out. Be sure you are insurred as well as being able to finish the job. What happens if your atv breaks down? Better have a plan because I doubt the city would want to go without shoveled walks.

What do they do now for handling snow removal on walks?

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