Insurance, you think you got it bad?

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I was going to add my youngest son, age 16, to my company insurance policy. Well, the cost from the company came back, I expected a 500 dollar rise, they came back with a 1,000 dollar rise. This is with no accidents or tickets, when I added my two older sons, the cost was around 500 bucks. I think, he is going to be slinging a shovel for about 2 more years. My two older sons, run the shovel crews on weekends and vacations, they get to drive the crew cabs.

The cost of all my insurances a year, is equal to a new truck.


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Cary, IL

That is pretty steep. Have you checked around with other companies to see if yours is competitive? Not to mention, most insurance companies in general do not cater to 16-year-olds. It's very unfortunate, I've seen quite a few elderly women who drive worse than most 16-year-olds.

GeoffD Veteran
Well that was to list him on the business policy, seperate from the one that covers my wife's car, and my home. I cheat on my truck, and list it under the business, as well as my two older son's trucks, because every storm their trucks are driven by one of my employees, their for they need to be on the companies plan.

If you put a plow on the truck, you need commercial coverage, which is much greater than standard auto. When I have to insure, all my trucks, and equipment, liablity, and health insurance, it is no wonder why the company policy is so expensive. I don't thinkCommercial insurance companies, like to list drivers under 18, I think that's why my son was going to raise the rate so much. Like I said before he can sling a shovel for 2 more years, before he get's behind the wheel of a truck.

BTW personel auto insurance, doesn't insure a vehicle over 10,000 GVW.


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