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Hey fellas. If I do the snow removal for our family owned buisness ( a funeral home parking lot) will the umbrella policy of the funeral home cover my snow removal. I am all ready employed full time by this biz and I am a stock owner in our buisness. As far as payment for my snow removaL, It would be added on to my bi-weekly paycheck for each time the lot was cleared. Do I need to get any other insurance if I intend to plow our parking lot exclusively? Thanks boys...

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You will have to check with your insurance agent. It depends. But since you are family owned business, I don't think it would be a problem to you. But if someone slip and fall, they may sue your family funeral home business so you will have to check to make sure your family business is properly covered.

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ince you are already an Owner/employee of the funeral home the slip & fall aspect will be covered upder the funeral home's GL policy. The question is... Is the truck you are using owned by the business as well? If so than you should be covered. I t just another avenue you use to maintain the parking lot. After all, if you did not have the plow than you would still have to shovel or snowblow, right?

If the truck is not owned by the business than you may be able to encorporate a rider on the business policy which includes your truck. Then, you will also have an easier time righting off other vehicle expenses such as fuel and general maintenance.

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