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After I calculated all my expenses from last year (my first year) I did not make very much profit. One of my biggest expenses was insurance. I am embarassed to say how much I paid, because I think I paid way too much. This year I do not want the same thing to happen. I charge adaquately, I don't undercut and I typically get $80/hr. I only gross around 5-6k as this is my side business. I primarily do residentials, but I may consider some commercials on an emergency call up basis. I am also bidding on plowing the roads in the trailer park that I live in. Hopefully I will get this bid. My bid will be in the 3-4k range once I am done calculating. It is a small nicely maintained park.

What should I be paying for insurance(ballpark)? Who has a good agent? Anybody in the Central NYS area?


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I think insurance will depend a lot on your age. How old are you? If you are young than it may be difficult to get a low price. As you get older, especially after turning 25, your rates will go down. Now you may be able to find ways around this but many of them are not legal and may come back to haunt you if you ever have an accident or need to make a claim.


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I don't know where your from, but here in New Jersey we have the highest auto insur. in the country and a flat rate per year for snow removal for me last year was $800.00. Also $80/yr in my opinion is to cheap. I try to get at least $125/hr where I am and $55/hr when I sub-contract. Depending where you are this all could be different, but hope it helps.

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In the past 2 days I've called over 20 Insurance agents in the area. About 1/2 claim that dont insure people that plow even buisness insurance and commercial auto listed on thier ads.
1/2 the rest took my info and never called me back.
1/2 of them quoted me extremely high prices for just insurance on the truck.
and Finnaly one from State Farm gave me a great quote. Lower than my current insurance for my truck now. and a decent rate on the Buisness side. Going to meet the guy tommarow and hopefully have the new cards faxed to the truck dealer.

Insurance companies are annoying to deal with. and it pays to check arround, The smaller agents are usually the best.
And if anything ever happends I'll just let my daughters grandfather deal with it. He is an ajuster.

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from what my agent has told me, my commercial auto policy covers snowplow on the truck and if it hits something in transit. Your contractors liability covers damages made by the plow while plowing. 30ish married male with a couple points on my license in an urban area runs me 900 per year incl comp and collision for the truck, 172 per year for the contractors liability is additional.

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If you think your insurance co. quote is too much, then try to check with other insurance co. around you. They may have a better quote than your current insurance co. I think that the insurance costs less for residential snowplowing than commercial snowplowing.



Hello I live in Millville NJ and i was wondering how much insurance would be for residentual plowing?
right now i have libality
also is a full size bronco a good plowing truck?

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There is no way to say how much it cost for insurance in your area. It depends on where you live and also which insurance company you are looking at. This is something that you will have to find out for yourself. Call the insurance company around you and ask them for quotes.

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