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I have got to say that dealing with insurance company's is getting on my nerves.

My carrier from last year just dropped out of providing snowplowing coverage at the last second (Late October). Never said a word to me, and finally got a hold of someone to say they don't provide coverage for snowplowing anymore.

I called two other insurance reps. to get quotes. It's like pulling teeth to get these people to call you back! One said, it would be no problem, quote would be ready in a couple of days. I don't think so. Its crunch time and I am still fiddling with insurance!

Well I got one quote today, helloooooooo! What in the heck is going on? A 500% increase in insurance premiums, are they out of there minds. I read a post on a thread from JAA, who stated that insurance companys are going to start charging more due to undercharging in previous years. I can see an increase but 500%. At this rate, when all insurance premiums are paid, they will be taking a 32% of my revenue. This cannot be right and or fair. 32 percent 32 percent!

I don't even want to get into all the increases I have seen across the board on a personal level. All this with no claims, nada one. Oh, I forgot, if someone hits you even once in the last 3 years, it counts against you! If you change insurance providers, you will get stuck paying, for someone else hitting you.

What has America come to?

I love the fact that the insurance companys say they have a right to make a profit, just like everyone else in the business world. The difference is the federal government does not mandate that everyone must have snowplowing coverage provided by a Snowplowing Contractor.


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With all the talk about insurance rates going up, I was wondering how bad I'd get soaked. Got my renewal last week - same coverage, same premium to the dollar as last year.

Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co in Conneticut.

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When I got my personal auto policy renewal this year. I actually thought it had gone down. Nope - what they did, in very tiny print, was change it so that I don't have a 12 month policy, only a 6 month policy.

If your premiums stayed the same, that's great, but make sure it's for the same period a last year.


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Mick, consider yourself lucky.

My annual premium went up $2000, an increase of 33%. I've had one claim in 5 years, the agent blames the increase on the losses the industry suffered from September 11.

insurance companys are going to start charging more due to undercharging in previous years.
Where was I during those years?

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