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Massillon, OH
Just wanted to follow up on my insurance quest: I ended up with Progressive Commercial for the truck and Auto-Owners for the general liability. Neither one cared that I was just starting out and the rates were as good as I found.

Would be happy to provide details if anyone is interested.

I have also found a couple property management guys that have indicated they will use me as a sub when needed, so this may come together after all.

Thanks for all the education.

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sschario, funny how that worked out. I had recommended looking into a couple of companies. I have always used Progressive Commercial also, although that wasn't one I'd mentioned. I didn't think they offered insurance in your area.

Snowybowtie, around $800/yr for $300,000. That's pretty low on the natiowide scale. I'd discussed with the agent about raising it to a million. She suggested I really should and I agree, just haven't done it yet.


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thats not as bad as i thought it might be. A guy i used to plow with was telling me that a company had quoted him for 1500 and change for less than 10k, but 800 i can do, thanks! Im kinda shopping around for a better company, ill use that as a better basis

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upstate new york
Where I am, I use Dryden Mutual, Just the liability is about $1000-1200 for million dollar policy. All of my commercial accounts require million as the minimum. Truck with comp and collision is about $600 a year, x2. 2 trucks.....


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