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New Jersey
I searched the site and didn't see any threads that answered my question. I was wondering if i need plow insurance in new jersey.
I would only be plowing for people randomly no contracts (yet) and if i do what kind and how much. And if i was to have contracted costomers do i need insurance. And how much would you buy and what are the specifications. Thanks for your help.
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Claverack, NY
I don't know if New Jersey require you to have commercial liability insurance, but even if they do not require it, you still should have one. Don't take your chance. Also you will need commercial auto insurance. If you don't have both of these insurances, you better get it as soon as you can before the first storm come.

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Stephen has it right. No matter how small an operation you have, you still need Commercial Vehicle to cover any damage done by your truck or plow. Commercial Liability to cover "completed operations" or accidents that happen after you leave. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you won't need it for "only ..." or "I only do a couple of drives, the homeowners insurance will cover it". It might, but the lawyers will come after you. Check with your insurance agent.

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