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Western Michigan
I use an independent agent, who has tried very hard to do the research for me and find the right policies at the best prices.

Currently all my business insurance including comm auto, work comp and gen liability is through Auto owners.

No claims with them yet so I cannot say I approve or disprove of them.

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No, pineisland1 isn't the only one insured. It's just that I don't think my insurance covers your area. But your welcome to have your agent call Middlesex Mutual Assurance of Middletown, CT.

mine is auto owners also but only liability for business

my commercial auto is progressive and it seems to be the cheapest commercial policy i have found

i am always up for suggestions though

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I didn't reply 'cause I'm from Canada so I'm SURE my insurance won't cover your area!

This will be my first season "for hire" so it's also my first "insured" one. Went through the broker I have dealt with for years, they had to do some searching to find a carrier that would insure for snow work. Like Obryanmaint, I've ended up with commerial auto with one carrier and commercial liability with another.


NE Indiana
Commercial Vehicle INS.

Hey guys. I just added plowing to my general liabilty. Pretty cheap, didn't cost anything additional. And my only limitations are no strip malls or public road. That fine by me. Anyhow I don't have commercial vehicle insurance yet an a little concerned about the cost. Think you guys could through some figures out there for what your paying. This would be for just one truck. Thanks Joe

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I think mine was about $300/yr over the regular for a 1/2ton - liability only. If you're doing commercial plowing, you really want that snow plowing rider.
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Stamford, CT
Been shopping around lately, best price I could find so far for one Truck (1/2 ton) was:

$1,500 for Comm. Auto ( $1,000,000 Liability)

$ 700 for CGL ($1,000,000 Liability) for 6 months (snowplowing) only

Why is it people complain about snow removal pricing being so high?

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Central CT
Are those for one truck?

Im in a similar sized urban area (Hartford) and pay considerably less for same coverage. Try Farm Family Insurance (860-875-3333) only caveat is you must remain a Farm Bureau member while the policy is in force.

There may be an office closer to you, but Ross Luginbuhl in the Ellington office has been great as far as tailoring an insurance package for myself.

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